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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best Nintendo console


I choose...

NES 6 6.74%
Super NES 40 44.94%
Nintendo 64 13 14.61%
Gamecube 15 16.85%
Wii 9 10.11%
Wii U 6 6.74%

1. Gamecube
3. N64
4. NES/Wii/Wii U, I can't tell, there are no bad Nintendo consoles

I started gaming in the NES days, but my favorites to this day tend to come from the Gamecube library, with some SNES and 64 mixed in.

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The Snes obviously. No console from Nintendo -or another company- has come close to the amount and variety of excelent games it had.

No handhelds or the Switch?

I'd say Gamecube for nostalgia sake but since none of the options handheld options I wanted are on there, I vote Wii.


The N64 was the most powerful console of the early 3-D days, therefore home to the most ground breaking games in the mid 90s (Mario 64, OoT, GE). To me it was their most impressive system, even though it sold poorly in comparison to the PS1 and the lack of CD based media hurt it.

NDS Lite. So many games, so many good times... I wish I could go back one day xD

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Well, I love the NES, the N64 and the Wii. I haven't played too much GC or Wii U, but I know they have great games.

But if I have to pick one, I would choose SNES. It was my first console, and I still love playing it.

Toss-up between the NES and SNES, with the SNES probably having a slight advantage overall. The NES had a larger library of good games, while SNES had fewer annoying hardware issues as well as some games even better than their NES counterparts. The SNES may not have had as many good games in total, but what the superior hardware as well as the lessons learned from the 8-bit era were the total number of absolute top-tier games was higher, and some NES classics haven't aged as well as most classic SNES games (Zelda, Metroid, and any JRPG series stand out in particular).


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N64 always and forever. Too many classics and many favorites. My #1 and #3 favorite game of all time are N64.

N64 > SNES > NES > Wii > GC > WiiU. Judgement on Switch is still out, for now I’d say at least better than GameCube, not as good as SNES. Objectively, for as much as that’s possible, you could probably make the best case for SNES, that console would be also be the top contender for Best Console, period.

Objectively, I really like the core library of Nintendo titles during the Wii days so honestly, I'd probably go with the WiiU since I have the add up of being able to play Wii games and WiiU games such as Xenoblade Chronicles X (which is never gonna get ported on Switch at least :P )

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For a console where so many games have stood the test of time... SNES.
For the most unique console from a hardware perspective? The Wii U as it's a Hybrid between a fixed and mobile device.
My personal favorite console in regards to the individual games released? The Nintendo 64.

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