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< ClassicGamingWizzz posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Did you guys ended warnings or some thing.

Not that I know of, why is that?

on 13 March 2019

You banned me 3 days and last time i hás moderated was a year ago and it was a warning. Not that i carE i m just asking.

on 13 March 2019

The main reason for the duration is because of your history of flaming.

If you say... Was trolling, your duration would have likely been different as that would have been a deviation from your prior moderation history.

Hope that clears that up for you.

on 13 March 2019

< COKTOE posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Nice pic in the avi.


on 15 February 2019

< curl-6 posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Once again seeking your technological knowledge; in terms of power/capability, how does Switch's CPU stack up against the Xbox 360's?

The Switch has the edge.

It is simply a more modern, more efficient design... Plus it's also Out-Of-Order Execution, Branch Tree Prediction, Branch Target Buffers, 3-way-superscaler speculative issue pipeline... Not to mention significantly better caches. (Speed+Latency+Size.)

It's a no brainer.

Plus the Ports reinforce that fact.

Microsoft/Sony tried to make up for PowerPC's deficiencies by taking Intel's approach with the Pentium 4... To give them a ton of clockspeed.

on 23 November 2018

Thanks. I still don't know much about all this sort of thing but it interests me, I just find specs and tech stuff like Digital Foundry and Anandtech intriguing.

on 23 November 2018

< caffeinade posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Oh, a rebrand.

Nice work, I'm really liking your avatar.

Happens from time to time. :P

on 02 October 2018

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Are you a fireman?

Sure am.

on 30 September 2018

Oh wow, that's really cool!

on 30 September 2018

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Write 69

Now, About A Switch Pro...

in Nintendo Discussion 18 hours ago

curl-6 said: Pemalite said: 7nm fabs are up and running now, nVidia just needs to work with TSMC and bring the design over. (Not as simple as it sounds sadly.)Yeah. Easy doubling in performance with lowered clocks+voltages+binning over the X1 at the same TDP.On the bandwidth front, I would assume Nintendo would make a few cut backs there, Half of 137GB/s is still a respectable...

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Now, About A Switch Pro...

in Nintendo Discussion 21 hours ago

curl-6 said: Pemalite said: Yeah it is. But the same held true to the Tegra X1 (Tegra Drive CX/PX) and X2 (Tegra Drive PX2).Tegra can scale upwards and downwards fairly well in power consumption... Tegra X1 and Tegra X2 were 20w parts in the "drive' configuration, where-as Xavier is 30w... And Tegra X1 was still forced to scale downwards for the Switch anyway.But... In saying...

Write 69

Now, About A Switch Pro...

in Nintendo Discussion 22 hours ago

curl-6 said: Pemalite said: Xavier is an alternative. Should offer 50% more performance over the Tegra x2 with lowered clocks, reduced voltages and aggressive binning...In bandwidth bound scenario's (I.E. 1080P docked mode) the X2 and Xavier would provide a massive increase in performance over the X1 chip. Isn't Tegra Xavier designed for cars though, not for mobile...


Occupation: Carer, Firefighter, Emergency Services Officer.

Education: TAFE

Height: 5'9

Build: Athletic

Eye colour: Hazel

Hair colour: Black

Zodiac sign: Aries

Favourite Games: StarCraft, Diablo, Halo, Gears of War, Fable, Neverwinter Nights, Freelancer, Company of Heroes, Homeworld, Settlers, Heroes of Might and Magic, Need for Speed series, Half Life, Portal, Elder Scrolls, Freespace, Command and Conquer, Red Alert.

Favourite Music: Basshunter/Manian etc'. Europop/Dance/Trance stuff.

Favourite Films: #TeamMarvel

Favourite Books: Those are those Analogue computer things right?

Favourite Food: Keto diet restricts me so.

Hobbies: Gaming, Work, Gym, Partying.

About Me: Carer, Firefighter, Emergency Services Officer, life tends to revolve around helping others and making others lives easier.

Massive passion for all things technology.

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