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< caffeinade posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Oh, a rebrand.

Nice work, I'm really liking your avatar.

Happens from time to time. :P

on 02 October 2018

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Pemalite's wall:

Are you a fireman?

Sure am.

on 30 September 2018

Oh wow, that's really cool!

on 30 September 2018

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Pemalite's wall:

What was Rol's ban for?

The linked post obviously isn't accurate so I'm wondering what it was for.

Yeah. It bugged out on me and linked to a completely irrelevant post. It will be sorted in time.

But it was for his thread here:

on 28 September 2018

Thanks. I think moderations for article comments always screw up like that actually.

on 28 September 2018

Do they? Apparently I don't ban all that often for article comments!

on 28 September 2018

Is what it is I guess.

on 28 September 2018

< COKTOE posted something on Pemalite's wall:

I was entertaining the idea of buying Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man for the 15th time last night as I saw they were on sale on PSN for $1.50 each. Then I saw the files sizes: 834mb and 831mb respectively. They're both over 900mb on the XBO. The original Pac-Man ROM is 15kb! That's mental. I just looked it up, and the PS3 version of Pac-Man I have is a 100kb file. Is this because it's emulated? Made with Unity?

Probably higher quality audio sound bytes.

The original Pac-Man was using midi-files which was counted in mere bytes, whilst newer releases would be using full uncompressed, 7.1 audio.

A large chunk of data on the modern re-releases would also be thanks to higher sprite assets as well.
Pixel art is very small in comparison.

on 10 September 2018

Thanks for the input. I came across others mentioning such things in doing a little googling, as well as the ideas Unity and/or emulation were playing a role, but still wanted your take. Whatever the reasons may be, those files are unnecessarily large imo.

on 10 September 2018

< caffeinade posted something on Pemalite's wall:

There's some fun to be had over here.

You said fun. :/

on 08 July 2018

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Sony responsible for 2.7% of all Internet traffic

in Gaming Discussion 2 hours ago

Barkley said: Pemalite said: Nope.Valve reported that there was 125 million active users years ago. Platform has only grown since then. recently an Analyst reported there was 30 million users in just China...

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Huawei Claim their Phone is Better Than Switch

in Nintendo Discussion 4 hours ago

Ganoncrotch said: Pemalite said: And I can't stand the Asymmetrical sticks on the Joycons. - My right hands thumb doesn't point downwards you know.So we are at an impasse.With that in mind... You can use any typical Bluetooth enabled controller with the Mate 20 X if the current layout doesn't fit to your needs/wants/desires. Not sure what any of this post has to do with...

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Carzy Zarx's PC gaming emporium - Catch up on all the latest PC Gaming related news

in PC Discussion 14 hours ago

EricHiggin said: At this point in time, if AMD can still remain substantially cheaper at 7nm 8 core, it should be enough to hold off Intel at 10nm 8 core, even if those Intel chips still perform slightly better. As long as AMD doesn't drag 8 core out too long, and keep at least a year ahead of Intel with upping the core count, they should be ok. AMD still has an IPC and...


Occupation: Carer, Firefighter, Emergency Services Officer.

Education: TAFE

Height: 5'9

Build: Athletic

Eye colour: Hazel

Hair colour: Black

Zodiac sign: Aries

Favourite Games: StarCraft, Diablo, Halo, Gears of War, Fable, Neverwinter Nights, Freelancer, Company of Heroes, Homeworld, Settlers, Heroes of Might and Magic, Need for Speed series, Half Life, Portal, Elder Scrolls, Freespace, Command and Conquer, Red Alert.

Favourite Music: Basshunter/Manian etc'. Europop/Dance/Trance stuff.

Favourite Films: #TeamMarvel

Favourite Books: Those are those Analogue computer things right?

Favourite Food: Keto diet restricts me so.

Hobbies: Gaming, Work, Gym, Partying.

About Me: Carer, Firefighter, Emergency Services Officer, life tends to revolve around helping others and making others lives easier.

Massive passion for all things technology.

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