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curl-6 said:

@Intrinsic Here we see that disproportionate (to its actual popularity) amount of love for the GCN demonstrated. :P

Personally SNES takes the top spot for me, best combination of great hardware, great first party games, and great third party support.

Next the Wii; it made gaming feel fresh and exciting again, has my all time favourite controller, and hosted plenty of gems like Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, Metroid Prime 3, etc.

N64 next; what it lacked in quantity it made up for by having some of the most groundbreaking games of all time like Ocarina and Mario 64, as well as Banjo Kazooie which was my favourite games of all time for many years.

Wii U in fourth; the droughts were horrid but at least it did have some truly amazing games.

NES and Gamecube kinda tie for the bottom rung for me. With the former, I find almost all its games unplayable today, and with the latter it had the worst first party offerings of any of their systems.

COKTOE said:
I swear we just did this. I voted for SNES. So did @Pemalite. Anywhoo. SNES.

I checked using the forum search function but couldn't see any recent ones. We had similar threads though; best name for a Nintendo system, best Nintendo hardware revision.

I found the thread I was thinking of. Not exactly the same question, but similar theme at least. I did indeed pick the SNES. And so did @Pemalite. Hiiiii Pemalite!

Also......serchin' for old posts on a Saturday night.

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