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Barkley said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

Well, I was thinking of consoles.  I suppose if you count arcades, then I can't count Tetris and Punch-Out.

I think for Tetris he was probably referring to the Gameboy version, which AFAIK was far more popular than the nes version and launched earlier.

I thought the Nintendo version came out on the NES first, but looking it up only the Tengen version came out before the Gameboy version.  Hard to know which platform to credit with Tetris, but the Gameboy is easily the most popular version, so maybe it belongs with those games.

Although the Nintendo NES version of Tetris is still one of its best selling games.  My original point is that you got new amazing games on the NES every year, and Tetris was one of them, even if it was also available on a ton of other platforms at roughly the same time.