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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will you switch from Switch to Switch Lite?

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Will you switch from Switch to Switch Lite?

I keep my Switch, good enough 61 57.01%
I'll add a Lite to my Switch 8 7.48%
I'll switch to the Lite handheld 2 1.87%
Waited, I'll buy a normal Switch 4 3.74%
Waited, I'll buy a Switch Lite 3 2.80%
I'll wait for a Switch TV 4 3.74%
I'll wait for a Switch Pro 16 14.95%
I'm undecided 5 4.67%
I don't like Switch games 4 3.74%

Not gonna do that, cause I would like to play LM3 and ACH on a big screen, but I might get a Switch Lite in the future.


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No, I like having a hybrid console that I can freely choose where and how I want to play. I'm waiting for the premium version so I can upgrade my switch to that. Hopefully it comes soon, I'm really interested to see how they'll improve upon the original sku.

Although I'll most likely buy the Lite in like 2 years because I love collecting Nintendo handhelds.


Ultrashroomz said:
That thread title should be ban worthy.

In all seriousness, nah.

If you think that's bad, you should see my new thread.

Nah. I'll stick with my OG Switch I got at launch, thank you.

I already have a Switch so no.

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This thread in a nutshell :

"I already got a Switch, no thanks"

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I might get a Lite for my little nephew, but I'll keep my Switch

One each for the kids, good value

No - but I'd consider swapping for a 'Switch Pro' or 'New Switch' late next year.

If my Switch stopped working, I'd definitely buy the Switch Lite instead of another Switch. It's a lot cheaper and doesn't have any notable downsides to me. For now however, I don't need the same console twice.