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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will you switch from Switch to Switch Lite?

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Will you switch from Switch to Switch Lite?

I keep my Switch, good enough 61 57.01%
I'll add a Lite to my Switch 8 7.48%
I'll switch to the Lite handheld 2 1.87%
Waited, I'll buy a normal Switch 4 3.74%
Waited, I'll buy a Switch Lite 3 2.80%
I'll wait for a Switch TV 4 3.74%
I'll wait for a Switch Pro 16 14.95%
I'm undecided 5 4.67%
I don't like Switch games 4 3.74%

I already have the Switch so I benefit from everything and more more than the Switch Lite is capable of ... BUT this doesn't mean I can't understand people who owns nothing thus far would want to get into it ^^

Anywoo, I'll be waiting for the Pro ;)

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Nope. Mine is hooked up to my tv 95% of the time that i use it. I'll keep this one, unless they come out with a better one for home use.

No. My Switch is already portable. If the Switch Lite can't be connected to the dock for home console play ever, it serves no purpose for me.

I feel like this thread is like preaching to the converted. We really need more people here, who don't currently own a Switch to comment.

Personally, whilst it looks a nice piece of kit, I like most of the commenters on here, personally own a Switch, so feel no need to shell out 200 for something that does the same as what I already have. Well actually less than what I already have.



In my opinion the N64 was not just the best console of the 5th gen but, to this day the best console ever created!

Never got the original Switch and WILL be picking this up! It's exactly what I've been waiting for. I'm done with console gaming and have been for some time. I'm getting old, handhelds are about the only way I can continue to justify this hobby these days, lol.

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The mere possibility that you believe someone out there is considering this abomination of an exchange offends me, OP.

To merely ask if non-Switch owners prefer to buy one or the other would make sense.






I wish they did the opposite and give me a PSTV style switch arround the same price or cheaper if possible.

You're asking if I'm willing to replace my current Switch with a downgraded model? No thanks :P

My wife and I have separate profiles on one Switch for different save files of course. I travel often for work and usually leave the Switch at our hour so my wife can play while I'm gone, so I'll pick up the Lite to take with me and be able to play with my wife online!

Not really. I think the current model is fine enough. And I'll most likely be waiting on the new Pro Model whenever that comes out. Nintendo's made it explicitly clear that this is not a replacement for the original Switch, rather a niche side product for those that just want a handheld only experience.