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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 3D games of the 90s that have aged the best

Cerebralbore101 said:
1. Ocarina of Time
Still the biggest pre-BotW Zelda ever made. It had something like 8 dungeons, and way more secrets than it's sequels.

2. Majora's Mask.
What can I say? Zelda has just aged well.

4. Starfox 64
It's basically the last great Shmup IMO.

1. Yeah yeah, but no. Ocarina of Time had 9 dungeons, the same amount as two other Zelda games, and there are another two that feature 12 dungeons. It was also obviously not larger than most of its sequels, but well, of course you mean for the time/hardware it was on or whatever. This is just the kind of Ocarina of Time talk that triggers me.

2. That came out in 2000. Sure is a funny 90's you got there.

4. Agreed on this one. Star Fox 64 still looks pretty alright for a 1997 game. It being on-rails and constantly on the move made it easier for it to look nice, as well as not having to deal with character models too much.

Other than that, I don't know, I guess Tekken 3. Tekken games always look amazing.

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shikamaru317 said:

I honestly can't think of any 90's fully 3D games that have aged well, in fact I thought most of them were ugly even when they were brand new, it's one reason why I mostly skipped gen 5 as a gamer, and spent most of that gen playing gen 4 2D games like Sonic 3 and Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow and some PC 3D stuff that looked better than what the consoles were getting. Some 2.5D games like Age of Empires 2 still look good, but all of the early 3D games just look bad to me now. 6th gen is where 3D crossed the threshold of aging well, stuff like Halo 2, KOTOR 2.

This is pretty much exactly how I feel.   

I remember thinking often back then that it seemed like we were moving backwards, in terms of the overall visual appeal of games.  Early 3D games just weren't good, IMO.  They still aren't 

Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64 and Majora's Mask still look decent enough in a CRT, though their frame rate is not exactly the best...
Final Fantasy IX still looks good I'd say (though the game is from 2000).
There's probably many 3D PC games from those years that look better than what I mentioned but I haven't played them.

I have found that a lot of PS1/N64 games really just need to be rendered at at least 2x native resolution and have AA applied to them and they still look pretty good. I'm sure for mainstream audiences it would at least make those games more tolerable to look at/play/buy. I'm hoping Sony does something like that for PS1 games on the PS5, like they did for PS2 games on PS4.

Great responses, though I should probably have elaborated in my OP that I mean in terms of gameplay as well as graphics.

Cerebralbore101 said:

4. Starfox 64

This is probably my number 1 pick, as thanks to its simple design it doesn't have the camera/control/framerate woes that so many early 3D games suffered from.

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Well, in terms of gameplay, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask have kinda clunky combat and some camera problems here and there but I still can enjoy them; their level design and pacing is still brilliant. Mario in Super Mario 64 still controls amazingly but sometimes there are camera problems. FFIX's combat is still good, but it's kinda slow in the original ps1 version (which didn't bother me that much and I think modern ports fixed that),

potato_hamster said:

Let's take a gander. Okay..

Simple but effective.

Looks great in all but a few areas.

Looks decent if not for the weird character models.

Looks great.

The woman’s a bit boxy but otherwise it looks fine.

Looks early 6th gen.

Same as FFVII, but with better character models.

Absolutely awful. Some of these games are damn near unplayable today it's so difficult to look at tehm. It was the best we had for the mid 90's, but I'll take many SNES or genesis games over these any day.

I’ll assume that the word “unplayable” is added for dramatic effect.

In general I personally don't think any console 3D games from the 90ies have aged perticularly well.

There still is a bunch of PC games that did OK.

In general for me it's not until first decade of 2000 that still look good. Specially games with stylized graphics. On console this means games like Wind Waker and Okami to name a few.

On PC I still think Unreal 2 (even if the game it self is crap) and Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 still look good to name one example.

Wolfenstein 3D, UT, Descent, GTA2, The Sims

Also love Theme Park World, it let me ride the attractions in first person view,
something I thought the original Theme Park did when I first bought it.

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Though there were some great games released at that period of time. Just amazing for its time and hours just soaking in the environments. With that WOW factor not there anymore and more a nostalgia thirst quenching, it just doesnt hit me the same way as it did. I still hold high regard for those games especially Zelda OoT for n64, I bought my copy from a nintendo power ad to get the gold cartridge and nintendo power guide for it, still have it today and when I got it in the mail, friends came over and we were watching a moving art masterpiece.