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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What Nintendo systems has Switch already surpassed for you?

TruckOSaurus said:

I think only the SNES is ahead of it for me.

This quote is from 2019 and I can now confidently say the Switch is my favorite Nintendo system. It's extraordinary from the new content perspective but also on the nostalgia front. I've been able to replay so many beloved games thanks to the Switch (Final Fantasy series, Devil May Cry series, NES and SNES games on NSO, Portal 1 & 2, so many others!)

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Currently Nes , I found more gems on SNES this generation but I'm still buying more Switch games.

These are my tiers (it changes from time to time, depending on what I’m into).
This is based on my thoughts on how much I enjoyed them (by memory):
Tier 1: Switch, SNES, DS, Wii
Tier 2: NES, GB, GBA
Tier 3: N64, 3DS
Tier 4: GC, Wii U
Tier 5: Virtual Boy
Didn’t own: Game and Watch.

Another way of looking at it is:
Tier 1 - systems I considered my main for a good chunk, 2+ years - in rough order:
1. Switch (roughly 6.5 years)
2. Wii (~5 years)
2. SNES (~5 years)
2. NES (~5 years)
5. 3DS (~4 years)
6. DS (~2 years, high second for another ~4 or 5)
Tier 2 - systems that were my main for under 2 years and/or a high secondary:
7. N64 (high second ~3 years to PSX, main for ~6m-1yr)
8. GBA (high second ~4 years to PSX/PS2)
Tier 3 - consoles that were secondary:
9. Wii U (~secondary for 4 years to 3DS)
10. GB (high tertiary and sometimes secondary for ~11 years to NES/SNES/N64, SMD/PSX)
Tier 4 - consoles that were tertiary:
11. GC (tertiary ~5 years to PS2 and GBA/DS)
Tier 5 - consoles that were more or less not in the lineup:
12. Virtual Boy (never really considered this one comparable)

Just some minor notes/thoughts - I probably underrate NES and 3DS, and overrate GBA based on how fondly I remember them based on my actual experience. BUT, I should note that I almost considered DS to be the other half of the Wii experience (well more like 55% Wii to 45% DS, and I barely touched competing consoles or even PC gaming at the time), so it’s almost like a tie with Wii as my main (I own about 100 games for the two, roughly half and half), so DS looks a little less major on list 2 than it actually was on my list. But I loved the NES as a kid, I still play certain games on it to this day. GB on list 2 underemphasizes how important that system was to me, arguably, at times, the GB was probably my most played system, because I played and replayed a lot of games on it.

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Yeah for me I rank the ones I have owned:


2. Switch

3. Wii

4. N64

5. Wii U

6. Gamecube

7. 3DS

8. NES

Nintendo themselves have delivered the goods as usual with the likes of Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Metroid Dread, Xenoblade 2 and 3, Splatoon 2 and 3, etc, but for the real standout of the Switch has been the third party catalog, which for my money is the best since the SNES.

From Witcher 3 to Monster Hunter Rise, Doom 2016 and Eternal, Hellblade, the Ori games, Nier Automata,  13 Sentinels, Dusk, Wolfenstein II, It Takes Two, there are just so many awesome games from beyond Nintendo that really elevate the system.

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SNES for the longest has been my #1 favorite Nintendo system and would like to say the Switch has easily taken the spot.

The third party support has been as great as the SNES imo and the first party support is much bigger and extensive on Switch compared to the SNES through the number of games and quality of games as well.

That and the fact that you can play it at home on the big screen and take it with you for portable playability makes this the best Nintendo system at least in my opinion.

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All of them, best system ever

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I don't have a Switch, and I don't think I'll end up getting one. It's kinda strange because I don't feel the same love for the Switch as I had for Wii or SNES.

SNES is my favorite console ever, and back in my teens the Wii was the system I desired the most. I remember watching videos about Super Smash Bros. Brawl, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Sonic, Kirby, and even Donkey Kong. The Wii has an insane first-party library, and to me it was the highest point of Nintendo Franchises.

I don't know, I see people having fun with Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate... But I'm not excited to play those games like I was in the Wii days. Maybe if it gets a new Super Mario, I'll change my opinion. As for third parties... Well, I prefer to play them on PC.

I think I'm getting way too old.

I consider the Switch Nintendos best system ever. But I have still more hours put into gaming on the DS and Wii, although I mostly played GC games on the Wii.
The SNES live mostly on nostalgia for me and I never really liked the N64 or the 3DS. I loved some of the games on WiiU but I think that it still is the only console that I'm in hindsight regret buying.
If I only got to play games on the Switch for the rest of my life, my gaming needs would probably be met by that system.

NS surpassed everything but N64. 

N64 had Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Banjo, Goldeneye, Conker's Bad Fur Day, etc. Only masterpieces. 

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It depends if you factor in back catalog games.

Just going on it's own library (as in games only on the system, and I'll give an allowance for BOTW being a Switch game rather than a Wii U port), I'd go

SNES > NES > Switch > N64 > DS > GameCube > 3DS > Wii > GBA > Wii U > Game Boy/GBC > Virtual Boy (duh)

N64 would probably be no.1 if Nintendo didn't fuck up the decision to lock out CDs. If it had Squaresoft games like FF7/8/9, FF Tactics, Bushido Blade, etc. like it should have, and had more Capcom/Konami/Namco content which it should have due to the better format, it would be no.1. A system with Mario 64, Zelda: OoT, Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX, GoldenEye, Banjo-Kazooie, Metal Gear Solid (port), RE 1-3 (ports), Star Fox 64, Final Fantasy Tactics, Street Fighter III, Perfect Dark, Castlevania: SOTN, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Diddy Kong Racing, Chrono Cross, Megaman X4, Wave Race 64, Paper Mario, would be the top Nintendo system. 

Horrible decision basically handed Sony a permanent leadership lock on the stationary home console market. 

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