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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What Nintendo systems has Switch already surpassed for you?

Switch is a long way from finished, but so far I'd say it has already surpassed the entire lifetime offerings of some of Nintendo's previous systems.

Has it passed some already for you, and if so which ones?

(Also, might be helpful to list which ones you've owned, lulz)

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I had a GBA, DS, DSi, 3DS, Wii, and Wii U. From my experience it has surpasses everything except the DS. I poured so many countless hours into that thing as a kid. The Switch is not far off from beating it though, and I'm sure that by the end of it's lifespan, it will have.

Probably all of them except for the 3DS and Gamecube...and I can see it passing both if it keeps it up.

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Wii, Wii U and DS.
It will pass the 3DS once I get Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing

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I don't know about handhelds, but it has surpassed N64 and WiiU for consoles so far.

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Nintendo Switch has pretty much surpassed everything for me besides maybe the GameCube and DS due to my attachment with them during childhood, and even then, the Switch is on par with those systems for me.

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All of them except for the Super Nintendo.

Ljink96 said:
All of them except for the Super Nintendo.

Pretty much this for me, and it will take awhile for this last frontier, but if suddenly SNES Classical titles end up on Nintendo Network, it will go long way. 


Gamecube, N64,3DS, Virtual Boy(lol) and Wii U. I think it beats the Gameboy and GBA but that's mostly from my inexperience of those two platforms. The next console for the Switch to beat is probably the SNES or NES.

I own 

Wii U

I have tons of virtual console games and both NES and SNES classic minis. So I am very well versed in what the systems I do not have. 

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I've owned every single (post-G&W) Nintendo system at one point or another. At the moment, the Switch is very high up there.

My rankings at the moment are:

Home consoles:
SNES>Switch>GC>Wii>Wii U>NES>>>>>N64

Handheld consoles:



Once Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest XI S and a real Pokemon game come later this year, it'll be first or second. If Pikmin should come too, a clear first.

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