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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What Nintendo systems has Switch already surpassed for you?


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The Nintendo Switch will probably be my number 1 gaming system of all time by sometime next year, that is amazing to me considering how small the Nintendo Switch's library was at launch.

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Every system for me except SNES, PS2, PS4, X360

All of the ones I don't have.

Tough question. I own all the systems except Virtual Boy, N64 is the best, WiiU the worst. I think Switch by now passed a couple;


However this ranking of Switch is impacted a bit by future prospects, and might rise higher once more is released. If it got discontinued now at this moment, and nothing more got released for it, it probably falls back below DS and maybe GameCube again. Obviously that won’t happen though.

for handhelds, all of them, im not a big handheld person so i look down on 3DS/DS, Gameboy I was never into much either besides Tetris,Zelda,Mario,Pokemon.

For consoles It passes Gamecube, Wii U and judging by the 2019 upcoming games, it will prob boost pass my time with Wii as well.

I dont know if it will pass NES or SNES for me as those hold nostalgia for me due to how many games that stuck with me over all these years. It will also be a tough task to pass N64 for me too as the sheer amount of fun I had with that console,good games and bad, left long lasting memories with me thats going to be hard to top

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For me personally, all but the NES.

The NES was my first system and what me love gaming in the first place. Not sure anything will ever pass it.

None for me. I mostly just play first party titles, and rarely ever have time to play it outside of the house.

I got everything but a 3DS (and a mini console; and of course no Virtual Boy - but also a TV Game 15!), and has still to overtake the SNES, Gamecube, Wii and the DS.

NES, Gameboy, GBA, N64 and Wii U are beaten already for me. Although, since I can play my Wii titles on my Wii U and GBA titles on my Gamecube, those two might still not totally be beaten yet.

The Wii, that's it.

All of the handhelds, and at least the WiiU

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