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Gamecube, N64,3DS, Virtual Boy(lol) and Wii U. I think it beats the Gameboy and GBA but that's mostly from my inexperience of those two platforms. The next console for the Switch to beat is probably the SNES or NES.

I own 

Wii U

I have tons of virtual console games and both NES and SNES classic minis. So I am very well versed in what the systems I do not have. 

Tag:I'm not bias towards Nintendo. You just think that way (Admin note - it's "biased".  Not "bias")
(killeryoshis note - Who put that there ?)
Switch is 9th generation. Everyone else is playing on last gen systems!

Biggest pikmin fan on VGchartz I won from a voting poll
I am not a nerd. I am enthusiast.  EN-THU-SI-AST!
Do Not Click here or else I will call on the eye of shinning justice on you.