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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Microsoft will definitely win the next gen over Sony


Will Microsoft win next gen?

Yes, they learnt from their mistakes 11 13.75%
No, Sony has a strong pre... 53 66.25%
It's hard to tell right now 15 18.75%
See Results 1 1.25%
Pemalite said:
Hiku said:

When a lot of things went wrong for Sony's launch of PS3, X360 only managed to tie it in the end.
When the roles were somewhat reversed, PS4 outsold XBO by a lot.

So no, I think the chances of that happening would require PS5's launch to get botched even worse than PS3's was. Which will probably not happen.

People seem to forget that the Xbox 360 had allot of shit go wrong on it's launch as well... Microsoft had limited supplies... And they had the colossal RROD debacle.

And yet... They still gave Sony a good run for their money.

Sony probably has the better brand power than Microsoft in the console space right now, but who knows what next-generation might bring... If Microsoft offers the right games, right hardware, right price like Sony this console generation, they could smash it out again.

I definitely think Microsoft can improve over XBO but it will be very hard to surpass what they did with 360.

US/UK are really the only major regions where Microsoft has ever been competitive with Sony. Its definitely possible that Microsoft retakes these regions but regardless of who wins it should remain pretty competitive.

Outside of a few minor exceptions, the Xbox brand just isn't very popular compared to Playstation outside of US/UK. PS2 & PS4 each outsold XB & XBO more than 5 to 1 and PS3 did close to double 360 outside of US/UK.

Even if Microsoft doesn't make any major mistakes and is able to improve the Xbox brand image outside of US/UK, I still don't see them reaching 360 level sales unless Sony shoots themselves in the foot like they did with PS3.

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Definitely? No. Every new gen deals a new set of card so it is a possibility, but there is nothing in what you said, which is indicating Xbox will win next gen.

Yeah, you're right, Sony gets cocky. But so far they have minor missteps not too much people care about. Cross-play was a desaster - but most people don't care and Sony got around and fixed it. Yeah, they are pissing off japanese niche devs with the age restriction applied from US headquarter, but again we talk about niche games here. Nothing which will hurt Sony badly, only give their images a few cracks here and there.

Let's see what could go wrong on Sonys side, and let's see what MS needs to do to succeed.

What Sony could do wrong we seen mostly with the PS3. Sony brought an expensive system, which was hard to program for (multicore-programming isn't easy to begin with, having such strange different working cores made it not easier). I am doubtful they will made these errors again. They have seen how they can price successful with PS4 and the PC-hardware thing works so well for them, that I see no reason why they should deviate from that next gen. After all they are not Nintendo, who are trying new stuff all the time.

They also launched the PS3 last in their best region: europe. While I think execs might do that error again, it seems unlikely.

While it is easy to see that Xbox can win against PS in the US, if they lay their cards right, europe and japan are uphill battles. You could argue japan isn't that important, as it is not that big a market, but still a lot of important devs are located there. I think MS could try again what they did with X360: try to cooperate with japanese devs. They also might strengthen their bonds with Nintendo, who do well in Japan. Offering a developer-program together with Nintendo, which allows it for devs to easily develop multiplats for both platforms might be a great move to woo some japanese devs.

MS also has the resources to do better in europe. They have to get FIFA though. That is simply extremely important. Currently multiplats sell usually double the units on PS4 compared to XBox One. But FIFA 18 sold 11.8M on PS4 and 3.14M on XBox One according to VGC. This is much more in favor of Playstation and shows why the brand is so strong in europe. MS needs some cooperations with EA, maybe additional exclusive content, better networking, having an attractive FIFA launch bundle in europe or other stuff that makes people think Xbox is the superior platform for FIFA. Also MS needs to be stronger in smaller countries, something which Sony has already down.

All of this needs a lot of money - which MS has. Also I think Gamepass is MS strong card. If they use Gamepass clever to make the next XBox more atrtactive it might work well. Say, the first months after launch the new device comes with three months gamepass. Heck, if they have backward compatibility to Xbox One and come with Gamepass, they already have at launch an attractive library to play for free.

So, is it possible? Sure, new gen, new possibilities. If Sony bothes the launch and MS does things very right they could get a lead over Sony. But odds are stacked against MS.

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What's the point of xbox when all their games are available everywhere.

This fact alone is enough to determine the winner of next gen.

At this point , microsoft is no longer considered a major threat by sony.

The only competetion sony has right now is nintendo.

Geralt99 said:

What's the point of xbox when all their games are available everywhere.

This fact alone is enough to determine the winner of next gen.

At this point , microsoft is no longer considered a major threat by sony.

The only competetion sony has right now is nintendo.

Indeed,Sony consoles and Nintendo consoles are must buys for me but the scarce xbox game's i find interesting i will just play on PC.

Nope. MS may end up doing better than they did this gen, but Sony will still do better, imo.

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Random_Matt said:
You heard it here folks, releasing great games is anti-consumer.


  Maybe we should disregard...

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I feel as though they will certainly do better. If the multiple skus are a thing. They'll be priced and powered more competitively next generation.

The thing is that it doesn't matter what I feel. We still know nothing.

Facts don't care about your feelings.

I see no reason for this to randomly happen, as of now there's no reason not to assume PlayStation won't just yet dominate another gen.

None of what you said means anything. What will mean something is the consoles themselves and the games--which is to say, things we know nothing about at this point.

I still remember the popular opinion going into this generation was that Microsoft would ride the success of Kinect and take Playstation down. Anyone remember that? Or the "Microsoft keeps increasing their market share every generation" argument?

From the recent rumors I doubt that because for me it seems obvious that Microsoft wants to focus more on software sales and gaming subscriptions than Xbox hardware sales. Besides that a Xbox console has never outsold a Playstation console.