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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Microsoft will definitely win the next gen over Sony


Will Microsoft win next gen?

Yes, they learnt from their mistakes 11 13.75%
No, Sony has a strong pre... 53 66.25%
It's hard to tell right now 15 18.75%
See Results 1 1.25%

They did learn from their mistakes, but I don't know if that will be enough to compete with Sony.

Sony pretty much needs to fuck up badly to give Microsoft a fighting chance outside US and UK.

But even if they don't win, I expect them to be a lot closer on Sony numbers then they did this gen. They just need some compelling exclusives, because that's what was mostly missing this gen.

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While Microsoft has certainly been making all the right moves for a bigger comeback next generation (Backwards Compatibility, Gamepass, First Party Investment, etc) it's still way too early to say that they will definitely win. It will at least be much closer than this current generation though.

All the studios they've bought means they will probably have their largest lineup of exclusive games in all their generations on the market, so there is a good chance they could win next generation against Sony. Against Nintendo? Who knows.

Something against them is their willingness for people to play their games on non Xbox devices, which is great for their profit and great for gamers but bad for their hardware sales.

I think the likelier prediction is that they will generate more revenue and profit from overall software than winning the hardware race, and when it comes down to it that's probably all that matters.

Agreed. I think at this point Sony are the underdogs. MS hold the aces. I'm with you ding dong.

I was going to reply to this thread but then realized it was made by FattyDingDong and therefore wrong. And delusional. Probably trollish (literally nothing he said in the OP made sense.)

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I think Microsoft will win simply because of Xbox live, Xbox game pass and their games will be on all platforms. I think their streaming service will be able to achieve this pretty well. Not to mention Microsoft won't make the same mistake that Xbox one did at the beginning which will mean they can dominate North America and U.K., the two most important regions regarding consoles.

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The 360 didn't even win with (nearly) everything going in MS's favor. Sure, it dominated the U.S., but it consistently was running behind the PS3 in Europe, and it still flopped in Japan relative to the competition (less than 7% of the total Gen 7 market), this despite numerous Japanese titles being exclusive to the system. Also, the 360 had a one-year head start.

The only way the Xbox 4 could conceivably beat the PS5 is if A) Sony makes some kind of massive blunder (e.g., making the PS5 cost substantially more than the Xbox 4 without making the higher price tag worth it), B) the Xbox 4 has a head start, giving it more time to accumulate sales, and C) Xbox can make serious in-roads in continental Europe.

While the U.S. could easily go either way as it has no particular brand loyalty as a region, I do not foresee any scenario where PlayStation does not enjoy a massive edge over Xbox in Europe, and Xbox is a total nonstarter in Japan. Because of this, the odds of an Xbox system ever being the clear winner in global sales are incredibly low.

Assuming both Sony and MS play their cards right, with no major screw-ups, next gen should be a dead heat in the U.S. between the two, while we should still expect Europe to heavily favor the PS5 and Japan to largely ignore the Xbox 4, leaving the PS5 the clear victor globally, though not quite to the extent the PS4 has been this generation.

thismeintiel said:
Yeah, not happening. MS themselves are already laying the groundwork with xcloud to be on other systems if they fail next gen.

Really, all Sony has to do is come out with a powerful piece of traditional HW, priced reasonably and with at least PS4 B/C, and they pretty much have next gen on lock. They'll already have EU on lock, as well as Japan when considering just MS. The best MS can hope for is NA and a handful of countries. But, even if it wins them, it wouldn't be anywhere near as much as they won them with the 360.

I think you're rather on point with this. MS would win North America and Great Britain but on continental Europe the PlayStation brand is too strong.

However, the Xbox One is a good way to show that MS doesn't need to 'win' the generation in order for its business to suceed. As it stands its way behind the PS4 with the gap getting bigger but it still seems profitable. The PS3 overtook the 360 near the end of the 7th Gen but youd hardly say MS failed.

lol no.