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Forums - General Discussion - How did you discover VGChartz?

I was disappointed when I heard the Wii was selling so well, so I had to make absolutely sure with facts that the Wii was outselling the PS3 and the 360. I found NPD threads with actual numbers and facts and lo and behold the Wii was winning most months, but at the time the PS3 and 360 were making a comeback. It was very interesting to follow.

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Was looking for a game backlog site and was looking up sales for last gen.


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It all started when I was in west philadelphia, the place i was born and raised, usually on the playground is where I spent most of my days. One day while browsing my phone, chillin out,maxing and relaxing all cool, playing this basketball app right after school, when a couple of trolls, who imo were up to no good, they started making trouble on a forum i was in, i got into one little infraction and the mods got scared, they said you're off this forum now, go try VGChartz,data site extraordinaire.

I signed up for the site June 1st around 7 or 8 and yelled at the previous site, yo fools smell ya later
looked at my avatar, i knew i was finally here, sitting on my new home, VGChartz extraordinaire

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I discovered this site after discovering nexgenwars was literally just a ticker.

Worst sales tracking site ever.

Jumped on the forums to tell as many people they were wrong about everything as possible and never looked back.

Signalstar said:
2007 Realized its data was bullshit. Kept looking. Found Vgchartz. Rest is history.

Data? It was basically a clock that just added different figures per second depending on the console.


It fooled me too.

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VGC numbers use to have a Yahoo article every week, I came here because of those articles.


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Signalstar said:
2007 Realized its data was bullshit. Kept looking. Found Vgchartz. Rest is history.

Hahaha, another one like me!

Didn't they add "sales" real-time on the site? Utterly ridiculous.

In 2016, I met people from here before I actually knew about this place. I noticed they were sharing links to certain posts and I'd read it, but I never really thought much about it. The more I grew onto those people, the more I learnt about VGC. Someone managed to convince me to sign up and so I did. And that is how I discovered this place, by those amazing people <3 

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I don't remember. I was probably looking for sales data or something as part of a discussion online and found my way here. I think I was already starting to develop an interest in game sales at the time anyway, so here I am.


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I was searching for video game sales at the start of the PS3/360 generation. It was this or site.

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