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Forums - General Discussion - How did you discover VGChartz?

Same answer as the last six times this thread had been made. I was looking for an alternative to the now defunct, and found this site. Made my account in 08' to tell Squilliam to SHUT. UP.

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Nerds in the GameTrailers forums were arguing over whether or not this site was a legtimate source for sales information, so I checked it out.

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In typing one day in google : "WiiU vs PS4 sales"

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People linked this site on as it was also mentioned by the staff. So, i was checking it out and kept on lurking until Defy Media pulled their middle finger on I've moved over to this place after the website shut down.

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Stumbled across this and the infamous Nexgenwars in 2006-2007, I was posting mostly on Gamespot and a few other sites, but the forums were becoming so toxic and unbearable and there was no one with this particular niche and a decent forum layout with decent discussion going on about sales and gaming. So, here I am, still after all this years, I check the site multiple times a day even if I don't post all that much now.

I was in a computer class in high school, I was googling console sales for 360 and found VGChartz.

Been so long (well over 10 years) that I can't even remember at all. I suspect Google introduced me though. 

I wanted to know how much the Wii sold over time.

2007 Realized its data was bullshit. Kept looking. Found Vgchartz. Rest is history.

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