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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Predict metascore for Pokemon Let's Go and Smash Bros. Ultimate

Smash Brothers (96)
Pokémon Lets Go (89)

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95 for Smasha
78 for Let’s Poop

Lets Go: 83%
Smash Ultimate: 94%

Pocky Lover Boy! 

PLG - 76%
Smash - 93%

Let's Go - 60%
Smash - 98%

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flashfire926 said:
Kai_Mao said:

If Let's Go receives a 70+, then it should deserve it right? If reviewers like it, doesn't deserve that score?

Anyway, for my prediction:

Pokémon: 79

Smash: 94, unless people don't completely undermine the fact that we got everyone back + a nice batch of new characters (which appears to have been really challenging for a production close to 3 years).

I have a feeling the game will get a pass for running that genwunner nostalgia circlejerk.

Content wise the game doesn't look to be worth even close to $60, after how much they have stripped out.

Doubtful it gets nostalgia bonus, especially as there aren't so much genwunners and even less among reviewers. And more to it, nostalgia-fans probably hate Let's Go the most, as it diverts from the core of the series.

But on the other hand, there are more casual players. Some reviewers will like, that the series becomes more accessible. Heck, Pokemon Go got a 69 Meta, as Let's Go will not have many of the problems (the horrible connection problems for instance) and looks like an overall more polished experience, I can se it getting 10 points more. Some reviewers will say, this is the first Pokemon they can stand. Overall Pokemon will be much more polarising than Smash, while I can see much agreement in scores for Smash, the Pokemon Scores will wildly vary.

For some stuff I even hope this finds into the main series. That your partner Pokemon learns terrain moves and you have no longer the need for HM slaves is something I want in the main series.

For the question in the OP:

Smash: 95

Let's Go: 77

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Smash - 94
Let's Go - 74

Pokemon Let's Go - 77
Smash Ultimate - 95

I think the changes in Let's Go will have a very negative impact on the score. Sun/Moon was 87, and US/UM was 84, I believe. Smash Ultimate is Smash 4 (92) with way more stuff, some smart engine tweaks and an actual single-player mode, whichI think will boost it overall.

Watch me be completely off and both get like a 87.

Pokémon Let's Go: 81
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 96

Pokémon will be criticised a lot specially due to Pokémon GO mechanics.
I think Smash will be one of the best fighting games ever. There's a lot of cool things in it, that's very nice.

Zanark best Inazuma Eleven pg

Pokemon: 74
Smash: 92