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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Predict metascore for Pokemon Let's Go and Smash Bros. Ultimate

Pokémon: 74
Smash: 95

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Pokemon - 82
Smash - 95

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Holy shit that consensus! I too think 94 sounds about right for Smash, but I could see as high as 96 or as low as 92. Pokemon, it's hard to say. Upper 70s sounds about right, as Pokemon never gets very high review scores, especially for spin offs. I could see it being 82 though. It won't go below 75 either.

Pokemon 80
Smash 95


94 and 70

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I think i have settled on 94 for Smash after thinking about it. The previous games were higher than i was aware of
Pokemon is hard, feel like it might be considered too simplistic by some reviewers, so 78 maybe.

flashfire926 said:
Kai_Mao said:

Eh, that's like saying Star Fox Zero got a pass and scoring 69 for being Star Fox 64 in HD. Or that Zelda got a pass because its Zelda.

And in terms of content, I guess they say its in the eye of the beholder.

Wasn't StarFox Zero ruined case of the controls? That was the main reason it got such a low score, afaik.

Also Let's Go seems to have way less content than Ultra Sun/Moon, and that was 40 dollar game. I hope critics don't let it go.

Eh that’s the main reason, but I’m just pointing out the some might put it out there as why Star Fox Zero didn’t get a lower meta score. Either way, you get what I mean.

And content was an issue for people with games like Splatoon and Mario Tennis Aces but they got pretty good scores. And so far, previews have been ok for Let’s Go. Even Serebiis Joe Merrick, one of the most well known Pokemon info collectors, has said the games are fine. He has problems with it but they’re still fun and have something of merit.

Pokemon - 7.8/10 too much simple.
Smash - 95

Pokemon: 85

SSB: 93