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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best Ubisoft series



Far Cry 2 4.55%
Assassin's Creed 19 43.18%
Rainbow Six 1 2.27%
Ghost Recon 0 0%
Splinter Cell 2 4.55%
Watch Dogs 2 4.55%
Prince of Persia 12 27.27%
The Crew 0 0%
Just Dance 6 13.64%
Vini256 said:
Mnementh said:

It's so funny how the first two posts going for Rayman, while the OP forgot the most iconic series for Ubisoft.

The actual issue here is that he made a thread about the best Ubisoft series and then put Just Dance in the poll. Sure, it's popular, but I wouldn't call the "best" Ubi has to offer, it's the same game every year with a different tracklist :P

Especially I don't think videogame forum dwellers, even if they like Just Dance, are absolutely excited about the game. Which would qualify for the best.

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But ... where's Rayman ?

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Beyond sad Splinter Cell doesn’t get more love here.

I have to go with Assassins Creed. I have played every console release of the game save for Rogue (played Unity instead) and Syndicate. After Unity, I thought I was done with the franchise as it was truly getting stale. However after Origins and with Odyssey on the horizon, they are proving that there is still a lot of fresh potential for the series to explore.

And that is why IMO, it is my all time favorite IP in their library despite having lost faith in it more than once. For me to keep coming back...well that speaks volumes.

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Rayman is my favorite.

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I'd say Trackmania but it doesn't have a female protagonist so it's too sexist.

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I consider Trackmania from Nadeo since I played it before Ubisoft became one of its publisher.
Similar with Trials, played RedLynx's game on mobile before Ubi got its hands on it.

Best Ubisoft series goes between Prince of Persia or Rayman.
How could you forget Rayman though? Just redo that poll

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They furked up Splinter Cell and make busy work games

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Deus Ex (2000) - a game that pushes the boundaries of what the video game medium is capable of to a degree unmatched to this very day.

Looking at that list I realise that I am not at all fan of Ubisoft games.