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Forums - General Discussion - Any members from 06 - 09 still post here?

I haven't visited VGchartz in years (profile said my last login was 08/17 but I have no memory of that). The only OG poster I remember from back in the day is CGI-Quality. Any OGs still here?


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Still here 11 years later.

Pretty sure my old account was around the time of UC2.

Nah they all left.


I lurk now. There was some reset, that's why it said you logged in.

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they do


I stop by occasionally, but rarely post.

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I dont really post anymore. I kind of lost hart when I stopped using the other account.

Been here since 2007. Had a profile back in 06 aswell

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Been here since Jan 2008.

I do from time to time.

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