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Forums - General Discussion - Any members from 06 - 09 still post here?

I question why sometimes... oh yeah to read threads/articles and do something while bored at work.

Hmm, pie.

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Yo. I also still have the same avatar and signature from back then too.

My graphic sig was old school even in like 2008, so it's practically vintage by now.

Nope. They're all dead and replaced by bots to give the impression that everything is ok.

Run for your lives!

Please excuse my bad English.

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Well, I'm from 2007. Also RolStoppable is still one of the most prolific user, also joined 2007. And kirby leads the new Prediction League, another 007-user.

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Yes, was lurking here for years, finally made an account some weeks ago, but still didn't post anything until now.

Globally in the US ! ( for those who remember this meme ) ; p

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Indeed. I don't really post all that much, kinda lost interest when the numbers started lagging severely a few years back and many interesting members and discussions disappeared, but I'm still around. I read a lot of discussions but don't partake as much, which also ties in with me having less personal investment in companies and games in general since I've become immensely mature over the years.

HO DADDY YOU'RE STILL HERE WOW (Granted I see you on my PSN quite often but still lol). How've you been?


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Yep, More than a decade, from 2007 when fanboyism was at its peak

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My old account was from 09 I think, but I've been on this site since 07.

0xFFFFFF said:

Globally in the US ! ( for those who remember this meme ) ; p

That's some quality lurking that is.

Hmm, pie.