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Forums - General Discussion - Any members from 06 - 09 still post here?

I still come on here but wow can't believe I've been on here for almost 10yrs now.

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I more view than post these days but was somewhat active back in the day!

I am still here and I am more active recently but mostly lurks and the weekly Japan numbers.

Yep, still here after nearly 10 years.

I never was super active but VGC remains pretty much my primary source for gaming news.

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Videogame sales became a hobby of mine shortly before the launch of the DS vs PSP. Prior to that, I was aware of the sales of different consoles, but it wasn't something I checked up on weekly or anything like that.

It's hard to say when I first started coming here. I came here primarily for sales data and didn't participate in the forum for a long time. I should have another account named "NFreak" or something like that, but I lost the credentials awhile back as it was tied to my university email, I reckon. I remember it being called

Before coming here I used to go to a different sales site at a forum from (forum has been gone for awhile, but recently the site must have disappeared too, as I can't find it). During the launch of the DS vs PSP was when I began getting more involved and posting there. I still have people on PSN and Steam that I met on that site.

There was also another site that came out before the Wii launch that had a real-time live counter of sales, where you could just watch the numbers tick up in real time (gimmicky).

I was lurking in 2009.

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Im still here mostly for the news, check the site regularly. But dont really post that often

I'm still here but no idea if you remember me.

I am currently sigless.

I'm still around!

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