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Forums - General Discussion - Any members from 06 - 09 still post here?

HO DADDY YOU'RE STILL HERE WOW (Granted I see you on my PSN quite often but still lol). How've you been?


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Of course.

Yep, More than a decade, from 2007 when fanboyism was at its peak

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My old account was from 09 I think, but I've been on this site since 07.

0xFFFFFF said:

Globally in the US ! ( for those who remember this meme ) ; p

That's some quality lurking that is.

Hmm, pie.

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This thread is filling me with warm and fuzzies.

No wait, that's the rash I got from @axumblade

EDIT: I know this account was created in 2010, but I had an account before this from 08 I believe and changed to this account in 2010.

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Still around. but post rarely (maybe 2-3 posts a day)

there was dark ages for me when my original account could not be reset so took some months to create a new one haha.



That's so ageist. It's not about how long you've been here but about how many times you spammed.

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Joined March 31st '09 baby!

0xFFFFFF said:
Yes, was lurking here for years, finally made an account some weeks ago, but still didn't post anything until now.

Globally in the US ! ( for those who remember this meme ) ; p

..... funny you should mention that. Quite a revelation, in fact. 


areason said: 
Pretty sure my old account was around the time of UC2.

Old account? 

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