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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario Tennis Aces Online Tournament Demo Impressions!


Favorite character in the demo?

Mario 3 11.11%
Peach 6 22.22%
Yoshi 3 11.11%
Bowser 2 7.41%
Waluigi 4 14.81%
Toad 0 0%
Spike 3 11.11%
Rosalina 4 14.81%
Chain Chomp 2 7.41%
mZuzek said:
Xxain said:

I dont like the power abilities. They undermine the actual Tennis. I wouldn't care if they were a gauge per round, but that shit refills fast especially mastering trick shots. Spam galore. Hot tennis series does all this without the fluff and dramatic freezing and slow down pace breaking stuff.

Full game has a mode without all that... which still doesn't excuse the demo baiting you into thinking it's already available.

Hmm? I thought that was already in the Demo. Whats the Simple class then? I haven't picked it because I prefer the Zone Speed/Shots.

Edit: Nvm, you can't select it.

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Seems a lot of strategy is in the game.
You have to save your gauge for the right moments.
I still need to practice more, but Im liking.
Anyway, is a local multiplayer Mario tennis. I always buy to play with my friends (except the wii one). And for the first time, on a portable system.
Add that now we have a campaign, also a simple mode. Much more than enough for me to buy. (I don't play online)
But I hope they add Pauline.

I'm going with a solid record.
36 wins, 6 losses and 5 tourneys.

I'm really getting the hang of putting pressure on my opponent's racket and using the energy efficiently.

i’ve only played a little, but i think the game is a lot of fun. i’ll probably pick it up soon after release.

the first hour playing was very frustrating because of the not configurable button layout, the second hour was a ton of fun when you realize the tactical component in using the different special technics

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Anyone knows if in COOP you can set player 1 in normal and player 2 in inverted setting.

Mario's tennis is my go to game with one of my friends, but he's inverted and I'm normal setting.

I played about twenty matches and didn't refuse any match-ups because I wanted to test lag.

Lag gives the person with a poor connection and ungodly advantage because the game is peer-to-peer. I was full bars (since I have my Switch connected via an Ethernet adapter) and my opponent was two, and there was this 1-2 second delay when I would hit the button and when I would swing. Kind of scary this guy was in the third of four tiers of the tourney. So, lag is the way to go if you want to win.

Matches without lag were tons of fun, though, especially when a long volley got going with tons of Zone Shots, a blocked special, and whatever the time slowing down move is called.

It is not very responsive. a few too many command for my liking!


vivster said:
Do you think it'll be fun for people who aren't interested in the deep mechanics?

There is a simple mode (including online) for those people. I personally learned the new mechanics very quickly and enjoy them a lot :)

So I suppose my only gripe with the game so far is of course the online. I'm not sure if Nintendo is taking Online seriously at all, I feel like during the testpunches and Splatests I never experienced lag spikes like this. Aces is supposed to be their online focused summer game yet i'm having matches with so much input delay that I literally can not return serves. I know its not me and for the most part it's ok in a lot of sets but it's annoying to have matches where 3/4's of the way through, I start getting hit with lag spikes. I would really like it if Nintendo handled it better, hopefully when NSO launches it's made better.

Other then that though, I love the game and need the full version quick!