Forums - Sony Discussion - John Kodera: “PS4 Is Entering The Final Stages Of It’s Life-Cycle.”

'entering the final stages'...well, duh, of course it is, this is the systems´s fifth year in the market after all.About two more years before the PS5 comes, I think.

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2020-2021 have been an accepted date for PS5 for many people here.

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John2290 said:
I would have though the final stages would start after the ps5's is announced or perhaps even on ps5 releases. Consoles still seem to sell at that point and people still buy games in mass.

In terms of first-party titles it's the final stages.

Here's a list of PS3 games they released after the PS4:

Ratchet Into the Nexus (Nov 2013)
Gran Turismo 6 (Dec 2013)
MLB 14,15,16 (Cross-Gen) (March 2014,2015,2016)
LBP 3 (Cross-Gen) (Nov 2014)

So only two titles that weren't cross-gen PS4, and those two titles were released within a week of the PS4 launching.

melbye said:
2021 is later than i though, i was thinking March 2020

March is the end of the financial year. He probably refers to this. So this means likely second half of 2020. But for something more than two years in the future, nothing is set in stone yet.

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i wouldn't mind a 2021 release, though i think holiday 2020 is best. the quote about crouching down makes me think they will have a quiet final year this time, unlike with the PS3 where their final year took Polyphony, Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream and Santa Monica out of the early PS4 years. Days Gone, Last of Us II, Death Stranding and Ghosts of Tsushima for 2019, release PS5 2020. That gives their studios a lot of time to really give the PS5 a great first 18 months, because a holiday 2020 would give

Naughty Dog - 1 year
Sony Bend - 1 year
Kojima Productions - 1 year
Insomniac (not first party, but Spiderman 2 will almost certainly be a thing) - 2 years
Media Molecule - 2 years
Quantic Dream - 2.5 years
Santa Monica -2.5 years
Polyphony - 3 years
Guerilla - 3.5 years

to make their next titles for next gen. Sony Japan is up in the air because they are more AA stuff.

I think hardware and software line up perfectly for 2020, not 2021.

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79 milions sold at 31 march. Time to update front page.

gemini_d@rk said:
79 milions sold at 31 march. Time to update front page.

79m sold-in (shipped), frontpage is sold to consumers (sold-through). Front page is fine.

Makes me wonder if some titles like the next God of War or Horizon will be developed with the PS4 and the PS5 in mind, as bridge games

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Barkley said:

"Kodera also noted that while Sony is investing in first-party, it is not entirely for the creation of new IP. The refreshment of existing IP and development of successful IP as franchises are also part of the company’s plan to strengthen content."

A.K.A Horizon 2 is coming. There's been basically zero sequels to exclusive PS4 games so far, as they start to move developers onto projects for the PS5's early years they'll probably begin to make games that make use of the existing assets and engines from previous games to continue to release software on PS4 with less work.

After all PS3 had 3 Uncharteds, 3 Resistance's, 4 Ratchet's, 2 Infamous Games 2 LBPS, 3 Motorstorms, etc. This generation so far has had next to no first party series with multiple entries. So they'll want to start cranking the machine to push out games that can be made with less work due to the foundations already being in place, freeing up staff to start more long-term projects for the PS5.

To be fair though, last gen outstayed it's welcome by quite a few years. I don't think Horizon 2 will end up on the PS4, there's just not enough time for it I don't think.

I'm even thinking LoU2 might be cross gen.

KBG29 said:

Oh, and 1 last thing. 8K on anything under 70", meh. 8K on 70" or more, bring it.

Depends who you ask.

I prefer pixel density over distant viewing on big screens. So 8k on a small-ish screen is heavens to me.