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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Games should be made "EXCLUSIVE" for one platform again

Being 3rd party exclusive can be beneficial if you are targeting a specific audience. I have always held the understanding that simply bringing your game to more consoles does not magically make a game sell more. It is exposure to given fanbase within the userbase.

There is little reason to bring niche japanese titles to xbox, the time and effort becomes less and less worth it. If ps4 has 70% market share and is historically the place to be for japanese games, then staying just on them is more profitable. The people who are into that sort of thing probably own a ps4, so the minute number of sales made on xbox would have eventually been made on ps4. They did not access some magical new market.

Now what upsets this is breaking of said tradition. The more those types of games become less synonymous with PlayStation only, the larger the base for xbox will become. Yet that takes years to break.

Square Enix approach of this puzzles me for this reason. FFXIII sold 6to1 on ps3/360. U have to think, at least part of those 360 sales would have been made on ps3 if not given the option of 360 which really begs the question was it worth it. With each of the XIII sequels we saw that gap widen.

Then they give us all these remakes. KH, FFX, FFXII, etc. All back to being console exclusive to PlayStation. They basically acknowledge the return on xbox versions was not worth the venture. Yet....FFXV is multiplat also again. They recognize the nostalgia gor the series almost entirely rests in PlayStation but they want it to eventually divy up more evenly so their fate isn't so closely tied to them...that's my take.




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I kinda agree and I kinda don’t - let me explain. Today’s consoles aren’t all that similar so if a dev must make the same game for all four (PC included), then someone is going to suffer optimized wise. I was the victim of this constantly during gen 7. I made the Xbox my main console (I owned all 4) and in many cases, I had to play games that I knew could be better graphically, online, and generally all around. EA was a big culprit of this. Everyone who didn’t own a ps2 got that version - regardless of your console preference. Sometimes we were thrown a bone and a dev would optimize our version (Ubisoft - Rainbow Six 3, Ghost Recon 1 & 2 (2 was a different campaign on the Xbox simply due to its strength over the ps2 and GC)), but even that wasn’t across the board as Rainbow Six Lockdown was a drastic step down in quality due to making the same game for everyone.

When EA and Activision wake up and look at Switch numbers and port over Battlefield and Call of Duty - do you think they’ll make optimized versions for everyone else? Don’t hold your breath.

Nobody should be bother by this because a game that is exclusive to a system makes no difference to us because we are able to play it on whatever system it's made for. Just go out and buy it. Simple.

And if anybody chooses to not buy a game because it's on a platform that you do not prefer to own then clearly that game isn't that important to you.

Multiplatform games were the exception and not the rule in the 80s & 90s due to issues that were either technical or due to licensing or some other business concern. Japanese third parties largely neglected the Master System and Genesis because Sega was never big in Japan (and in the 80s they also had to contend with Nintendo's strict licensing practices, at least in NA, and that ceased to be a concern before the SNES was released). The SNES and Genesis had significant disparities in terms of overall capabilities, which may have made porting one title to both of them a challenge. Games like Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, and NBA Jam being on both system were not the norm, and those all happened to be ports of popular arcade games. I think every game that originated on consoles back then was exclusive to one system or the other. Later on in the 90s we had the "format wars" being a significant concern for third parties. Many PS1 games simply could not fit on an N64 cartridge, at least not without a lot of work to get the port's file size down to less than 64 MB. Final Fantasy VII was so big that it needed three CDs. No way in hell was it ever going to come to the N64.

Nowadays, those concerns no longer exist, at least for conventional consoles. PlayStation & Xbox are extremely similar to each other in terms of hardware, there are no format concerns, and there are no real business obstacles to most games being released both platforms. While Sony and MS do sometimes pay to get temporary or permanent exclusivity rights to third-party games, most third parties will release most of their games on both PS & Xbox because both have significant install bases that they'd be foolish to ignore.


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Meh. Exclusive deals still exist anyways. The more people can buy third party games the better. It also encourages the creation of more new ips since it's less risky even if just a little.

Console owners like nintendo and sony already have their own studios anyways. So there you have fuel for console wars and dick measuring contests. Wanting 3rd parties to be exclusive just for the chance of higher quality sounds petty to me.

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AAA 3rd party publishers can just fuck off altogether as far as I'm concerned. Nowadays you get the best games from first party studios from Sony and Nintendo and from Indie devs. Ubisoft, EA, Activision and the other big publishers are just working on how to squeeze the most money out of the gamer, lacking almost any creativity while making their games. Ubisoft games feel always the same, Activsion doesn't even try anymore and just slaps whatever is popular right now onto Call of Duty, EA fucks up so many times I don't even know where to begin. And Bethesda just keeps re-releasing Skyrim all the time.

Seriously, I don't even care too much about 3rds anymore. Sure, there are some exceptions here and there and every once in a while someone releases a good game. But most of the time it's crap.

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Exclusives is not a consumer friendly practice. Unless you are talking for the Rich who can afford everything, why would you want to support barring gemes for 1 platform? This is one reason why i prefer PC gaming over console gaming, its one giant community not split into 3 smaller ones.

Nope! I get the nolstagia attached to this because from my perspective I was lucky enough to have every to have almost every console up until this generation and they all had their quirks, unique lineups and unique graphical representations up until PS3/360. But when I hear that people never played FFVII or Zelda Ocarina of Time because they had the wrong console thats just sad. Now we don't have huge differences in tech and my fanboy days are long gone, so I'm really just happy for games to be on every platform that doesn't doesn't noticeably hinder its quality.

The only thing to be gained from exclusives is slightly better optimisation and the potential to release a handful of months earlier.

Also, unlike when I was a child, I now pay for consoles/games myself and I have no interest in spending $1000 in hardware just so I can have access to Zelda/Halo and The Last of Us.

V-r0cK said:
Nobody should be bother by this because a game that is exclusive to a system makes no difference to us because we are able to play it on whatever system it's made for. Just go out and buy it. Simple.

And if anybody chooses to not buy a game because it's on a platform that you do not prefer to own then clearly that game isn't that important to you.

What kind of nonsense. 

They're huge investments and if someone is not comfortable investing in additional 2 platforms, it doesn't mean that the experiences aren't important for them, it just means that they have to weigh it up against other priorities in life. There are many times when I've missed out on experiences I was very passionate about like concerts, festivals, holidays etc because I have to weight it up against other possibilities/responsibilities. Opportunity costs. Lets not limit peoples experiences just so we can boast of some minor pixel differences and slighter better draw distances

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I dunno man, it seems that only one platform lacks in both 1st AND 3rd party exclusives. The other two still get their fair share.

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