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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch is the GameCube done right

I really don't see the parallel... At all...

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I thought the GC was done right...

It might not have had incredible new IPs, but its miles better than what they've coughed up for the Switch so far.


EDIT: Wait! What the hell am I saying? The GC had Eternal Darkness and Pikmin. It had awesome new IPs.

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The only comparison is third party support. Gamecube didn't have full third party support but it was still a decent showing. Same with Switch thus far.

Soooo... what you're saying is: Switch is the Gamecube done right, because it isn't like the Gamecube at all. Did I get it right?

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Peh said:
thetonestarr said:

Gamecube was more powerful than PS2, by a pretty significant margin. It cost less, sure, but I wouldn't say "poor man's PS2" just because it WAS more capable, other than DVDs.

But Nintendo screwed up by using smaller discs. Also the PS2 had DVD player capabilities. And at that time, it was also a reason to get one.

If Nintendo used real DVDs and had a DVD player, I think they'd be in a much different position in Gen 6. It wouldn't be as lopsided as it was, that's for sure.

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Gamecube was a traditional home-console that tried to compete with powerful hardware, the Switch is the complete opposite of that. And don't talk crap on Gamecube's 1st party and exclusive lineup, it was insanely good. LOL at Wind Waker and Sunshine feeling unpolished

The Gamecube was the Gamecube done right, and in my opinion the last great Nintendo home console.

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I see more of a comparison between the gamecube and the Wii U then I do with the Switch.

It’s a Nintendo system done right, where the Gamecube was a Nintendo system done wrong, so there’s that.