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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch is the GameCube done right

curl-6 said:
Miyamotoo said:

I little updated you list...when you look at strength of 1st/2nd party games of N64, you realise that N64 is console that probably had strongest 1st/2nd party lineup ever (its not wonder why for me N64 is best console ever :D). On other hand its console that probably had worst 3rd party support ever.

Yeah N64's library is small due to the terrible third party support, but its first and second party lineup is absolutely legendary.

Rare in their prime were a powerhouse, and Nintendo were pumping out some of their greatest games. Games like Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, and Goldeneye 007 virtually pioneered gaming as we know it today.

Yeah, Nintendo + Rare were killing it that gen with quality of games.

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Not even close. The Switch is the antithesis of the Gamecube.
If anything, the Switch is the Wii successor done right.

The Gamecube was the PS2 done wrong.

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Megiddo said:

The Switch is a 3DS successor with an HDMI-out port.

Exactly. Best NSW description I've ever read.

God bless You.

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