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Forums - Sales Discussion - Bold prediction: Dark Souls Remastered will sell most copies on Switch

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What do you think?

Not bold, it will outsell... 2 2.53%
Agree, it will sell the most on Switch. 21 26.58%
No, the game will sell most on PS4. 47 59.49%
Crazy, Switch-sales will ... 4 5.06%
It will sell over 9000 copies! 5 6.33%

I guess there's a chance of that happening, especially since it's the first time the series makes it to a Nintendo console, but I still expect the PS4 version to sell the most copies.

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I think it will sell more than the XB1.
I don't think it will sell more than the ps4.

Switch benefits from being "new" and "portable".
PS4 benefits from its huge usserbase.
XB1... benefits from the X1X making the most of the game.

Thus i'd go PS4->Switch->XB1.

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While it has a chance, since the Remaster aims to captivate new audience, I don't think it will surpass the LT sales of the PS4 version. X1's version is more dubious, because DS3's numbers weren't that bad but Scholar of the First Sin only did around 300k. If it repeats the later, then Switch's will probably sell more.

The_Liquid_Laser said:
I'm not sure which way it will go. In the short run it will probably favor PS4 simply because of their install base. However in the long run I think I'd have to favor Switch. Dark Souls is really the type of game that appeals to old school gamers or people who like old school games. The Switch console really is much more for old school gamers than PS4 or XB1, especially if you look at the types of games released early 2017 for Switch. BotW, Bomberman, Street Figther, Puyo Puyo Tetris, etc.... Nintendo was really going for old school gamers when they launched the Switch.

I'm also inclined to think that Nintendo might give more marketing support to Dark Souls than Sony or Microsoft will. They have an amiibo with it, and before that January mini-direct they were acting like Dark Souls was a really big reveal.

This way I see it too. I might be too optimistic, but that's how I feel about Dark Souls on Switch.

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No way. It will sell better on ps4

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more than X1, yes
more than PS4, I don't know

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Even as PS owner have already bought it on PS3 and the other games before and after that, I still think it'll sell better on PS4 than the other platforms.
Its target public is there.

Mnementh said:

What do you think?

Maybe on "Switch", because the PS4 has soooo many new wonderful games this year and in the next weeks. But its hard to say. Dark Soul-Fans want Bloodborne 2 or Dark Souls 4 in future.

i have zero interest @ dark souls remastered.

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KazumaKiryu said:
Mnementh said:

What do you think?

Maybe on "Switch", because the PS4 has soooo many new wonderful games this year and in the next weeks.

i have zero interest @ dark souls remastered.

Why the Switch in quotations?

Switch owners: second big third party title (if we count Bayonetta 1&2 as 3rd party titles) of the year, and first portable version of Dark Souls.

PS4 owners: basicaly the same game with better lighting and framerate than the PS3 version, and there is God Of War to play before Dark Souls

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