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Forums - Sony Discussion - Rumor: PS5 Could Be Releasing This Year. Big Focus on VR and More Details.

i think many are missing one factor in the argument.. the key people who were behind the success of PS4 is no longer in charge. Kaz, Jack Tretton, Andrew House, Adam. Dont know who is designing the next console.. is it Mark Cerny, or someone else?.. it will be stupid of Sony not to hire him again for PS5.

The thing is sony has a history of getting cocky and over ambitious with success, like PS2 to PS3. so with new management I wont be surprised if we start hearing about the rumbling of PS5 announcement early 2019, with the release in fall.

And all the prominent developers have gotten Black box but those kits contain high end component which in no way will make onto PS5 unless it costed $1000. the only utter importance in the box are API's and framework

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The PS4 is at its peak/almost equal to peak year and people think they'll release the PS5 this year. I think it will be a 2020 release with 2019 being almost as likely. Definitely won't be released later than 2020 though (even if it wouldn't be such a crazy idea).

We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

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Guys semiaccurate were first to report that nintendo switch will be using nvidia tegra chip. Not only first but like 6 months ahead of everybody else.

So no need to just dismiss them outright. But since they claim devkits gone out I would w8 about 2 months to see if eurogamer or kotaku to confirm this.

Now 2018 release is just very unlikely I always believed fall 2019, but since this rumor there is probably a small chance we see the ps5 1H 2019.

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thismeintiel said:
Hmm, looks like my predictions may be proving true if this is accurate. 2019 release. Zen+ CPU, my guess is a slightly pared down and/or underclocked Ryzen 7 2700(X). Vega GPU with enhancements from Navi, guessing something along the lines of a Vega 64, which is 12.5 Tflops. And we'll probably see 16/32 GB of GDDR6, with 1/2 GB of DDR4 for the OS.

I think you ll see a Zen cpu (with SMT disabled/removed) so 8cores/8threads only (not 8/16).
However because of the shrink, I could see these running upwards of 3ghz+.

Going from a jaguar at 1.6ghz -> custum zen at 3ghz+ would be a huuuuge step up in terms of cpu prowess.

GDDR5x  with 16 GB, and probably 4gb DDR3 for OS.
Navi GPU at around 12 Tflops (akin to a Vega 64).

Could such a box be 400$? probably.

I  wonder what MS is thinking with all this news out....
I doubt they want to give PS5 a year headstart, so hopefully they are ready for a 2019 launch too.

There is literally no reason for Sony to accelerate onto next-gen. It would kill the goodwill they have with consumers rights now. As someone who recently bought a Pro, I'd feel very betrayed and would be unlikely to be interested in jumping to the next gen yet. I'd probably end up buying a Switch instead. I'm sure many others feel the same way. Unlike every other gen before, now we witness the fewest gains for our buck, whilst at the same time developer costs increase for marginal technological and gameplay gains. Such a move would be suicide, especially if they ditch compatibility with PS4.

I think Sony is smarter than this. And Microsoft releasing a new XBOX after all the promises on the X would be an even more humongous marketing suicide. They would be literally waving bye bye to their customer base entirely.

Not happening this year. At the earliest late 2019, or early 2020 more likely.

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If VR is baked in at the silicon level in PS5, will it be a burden for traditional games like Kinect 2 integration was with the reserved resources?

I think fall 2019 is more realistic.

Anyway it would make sense for them to release a very high-end PS5 focused on VR and even bearing some losses to do so.
If they succeed to make VR gaming viable to the mass market they would gain a great competitive advantage for the coming years.

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No chance to see PS5 releasing this year.

Sony releasing the PS5 this year would kill off their main cash cow, it would be hugely stupid. Sony has done stupid in the past but there is zero chance of this happening. 2019, maybe, although I expect a Q1 2020 release.

Slap&Ride said:

If VR is baked in at the silicon level in PS5, will it be a burden for traditional games like Kinect 2 integration was with the reserved resources?

yes.  imo, it would also be a burden on consumer wallets. If this were true, I'd be very interested to see pricepoint and effect on sales, i think kinect hurt Xbox one pretty badly.

As for rumor, 2018 seems unlikely, but so does 2020 that some are saying.  PS4 is doing great, but Nintendo now has a hit console at opposing time to Sony.  Waiting too long could leave N with all the momentum.  it's an exciting time since frankly power doesn't matter anymore.