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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How do you feel about certain games coming to 3DS that are not also coming to Nintendo Switch?


How do you feel about certain games coming to 3DS that are not also coming to Nintendo Switch?

I am fine with what they are doing right now 31 64.58%
They should try harder to... 17 35.42%

I have noticed more and more comments about discontent with 3DS getting games that are not also going to Nintendo Switch.

People are fine with games like Treasure Tracker and Sushi Strikers coming to both 3DS and Nintendo Switch, and 3DS games being ported later to Nintendo Switch, like Azure Strikers, Code of Princess EX, etc. As well as 3DS franchises getting successors on the Nintendo Switch: Ace Attorney, Pokemon, etc.

Now, this conversation has become more public as, during many Youtubers’ Post-Nintendo Direct Discussion Videos, people have been lamenting that Luigi’s Mansion not coming to Nintendo Switch while 3DS is getting it.

Even the folks at IGN are expressing frustration with these games missing Nintendo Switch releases:

So, how do you all feel about games coming to 3DS and not also Nintendo Switch?

Is Nintendo leaving cross-generation money on the table by not at least contracting 3rd party developers to port more of these games to Nintendo Switch?

Should there be more effort to port older 3DS/DS games to Nintendo Switch, like has been done with Azure Strikers, The World Ends With You, Code of Princess, etc.?

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People complain about ports on the Switch, yet are angry they are not getting more ports on the Switch? Ok...

The ports help to keep people interested in the Switch while Nintendo are working on new games. I doubt Nintendo are anywhere near done releasing ports (whether it's from 3DS, Wii U or other consoles). So we could see more of an influx of releases in the coming few years.
I think Nintendo are trying to get what little bit more they can out of the 3DS while it's still somewhat relevant though.

Doesn't bother me since I have both systems lol

Do i wish these game were on Switch? Yes. Does it bother me? No

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3ds owners should be happy that they are getting games at all, it won't be that way for very long.  

No, it doesn't really bother me.

Yeah, it'd be nice if games like the Luigi's Mansion remake was on the Switch instead, just to see what it would look like in HD, but it's not something I'll lose sleep over, especially since I plan on buying the game anyway.

Plus, it's not like the Switch is being negatively affected by it. Out of the 36 minutes in this Direct, 5 minutes were spent on the 3DS, and the rest was spent on the Switch. So, it's crystal clear that Nintendo has their priorities straight. The Switch is head and shoulders, the main system now, but the 3DS is still profitable. Between hardware and software, they are still making a lot of money off of it and there is still a big install base there so it makes complete sense to take advantage of that and support it for as long as they can. They would be foolish not to. 

Since I own both systems, it doesn't really make a difference to me in the long run, since it just means I have more games to play no matter what.

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I think the 3DS is overhated.

There were a few games I wish were on Switch. I wanted to play them, but I was done with 3DS a while ago. So I am bothered by Radiant Historia and others not coming to Switch.

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I don't mind that Luigi's Mansion isn't coming to the Switch, in fact I think it makes sense that it went to the 3DS anyway, considering the second game is there... besides, now maybe somewhere down the line they'll release both games as a collection on the Switch, provided the demand is there, lol.