I have noticed more and more comments about discontent with 3DS getting games that are not also going to Nintendo Switch.

People are fine with games like Treasure Tracker and Sushi Strikers coming to both 3DS and Nintendo Switch, and 3DS games being ported later to Nintendo Switch, like Azure Strikers, Code of Princess EX, etc. As well as 3DS franchises getting successors on the Nintendo Switch: Ace Attorney, Pokemon, etc.

Now, this conversation has become more public as, during many Youtubers’ Post-Nintendo Direct Discussion Videos, people have been lamenting that Luigi’s Mansion not coming to Nintendo Switch while 3DS is getting it.

Even the folks at IGN are expressing frustration with these games missing Nintendo Switch releases:

So, how do you all feel about games coming to 3DS and not also Nintendo Switch?

Is Nintendo leaving cross-generation money on the table by not at least contracting 3rd party developers to port more of these games to Nintendo Switch?

Should there be more effort to port older 3DS/DS games to Nintendo Switch, like has been done with Azure Strikers, The World Ends With You, Code of Princess, etc.?