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Forums - General Discussion - How do you cope with knowing you will die?

I try not to, because I’d make my family incredibly sad. Other than that I don’t really care. If my fate decides that it’s time to go, I’ll go. What I’m scared of is having an accident and being paralysed or blind etc. for the rest of my life. I’d prefer just to die in that case.

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Its quite terrifying really isnt it? I also struggle with this, my biggest fear is death, im also convinced i will die of cancer. On a happier not its the weekend have fun peeps and stay safe

I appreciate life! Life is beautiful, if bumpy and excruciating. I actually have no fear of a merciful death. I'm a little afraid of the possibility of hell existing.

Nothingness doesn't scare me, as a matter of fact I'd gladly welcome it, but millions of misfortunate souls out there deserve an infinitely better conclusion. For that reason, I absolutely loathe it!! The more I believe in it, the greater my hatred grows. Otherwise vanishing is the ultimate peace of mind.

What I'm terrified of though, is if I end up being physically taken care of by someone, be it due to illness or old age. The thought of close people dying terrifies me as well.

been dead for billions of years before we were born. didn't hurt or scare us one bit, did it? :)

It honestly doesn't bother me. It's the one thing that is for sure in life, we all die.

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There's far worse things in life than death.

I'm happy either way.

I don't care.

Why waste your life away worrying about the inevitable? Why waste your life away worrying about shit that really doesn't matter?

Enjoy the time you have on this planet, do right by your family and friends and leave something positive for people to remember you by. As long as you have a clear conscience, you've got fuck all to worry about.


I'm not really afraid of dying, so much as I'm scared that death takes loved ones and friends away from me/us. Everyone dies, it's the one, true fact of every life there is on this planet, and I'm okay with it. Seeing how the elderly are treated around these parts, I can't say I'm eager to stay on for much longer when the years take their toll on my body and mind.

Nothing lasts forever. So I might as well enjoy life and make life better for others as much as I can.

And if I die, I will have died having played games I truly enjoyed.

I don't. It's not relevant right now, so I don't see any reason to cope with it at the moment. Other than that, I think I have a fairly healthy relationship with death, although I can't say I'm exactly a huge fan of death either.