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Forums - General Discussion - How do you cope with knowing you will die?

Cope? I find it comforting.

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You probably are but so what ? Just about everything comes to an end according to the physical laws of our universe. If you think yours/ours end is bleak or tragic then think about the possible limited lifetime of our universe where we reach maximum entropy and there's no more flow of energy to be had anymore ...

Nearly everything we see has an expiration date and it's no different for the tons of online game services out there too that get their servers shutdown ...

I don't go around pondering my eventual end so I can live my life to the fullest and I bet neither would most people since what most of us cares about is the present day ...

Good timing VGP. I could be in trouble right now. Thinking about calling an ambulance.

- seem fine now. That was a tense 20 minutes. Had my first aspirin since childhood.

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I figure it's what life is like before birth: nothingness.

How old are you? I used to think about how awful it would be to die when I was younger, but don't as much as I aged.

Think of it this way, there's plenty of time to worry about dying when you're dead. You'll either vanish, so it won't matter, or you'll have an after life, so it won't matter.

The importance is sadness and hardship for your family. I have a lot of life insurance, so that I don't have to worry.

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Thanks to denial, I'm immortal.

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I almost went crazy when I started to think too much about it some years ago, in fact just reading this thread is affecting me already. lol It's taking quite an effort for me to write this, so: the best I can say is... forget about it. Live you life. I mean it. Go out, read, play games, be healthy, don't do stupid things constantly (just sometimes xD). Be yourself and do all you can right now. Just do it. <3

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Thanks to denial, I'm immortal.

edit: Goddammit, someone did it before me.

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No need to cope with it. It's gonna happen at some point and thinking about it all the time seems like a waste. Just accept it is something natural, try to enjoy life and do most things you wanna experience, learn or share with people important to you.

Life is meaningless only if you want it to.

Dont worry. The Universe cares.

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