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Forums - General Discussion - How do you cope with knowing you will die?

Through the power of self-delusion, of course.

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Being a Christian and believing in a life after death gives me a positiv attitude towards death. Even if there is nothing after life I have the benefit that I live and die my life in a state of hope.

I believed in God since I was 1 years old. Never worried about it ever since.

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vivster said:

Thanks to denial, I'm immortal.

edit: Goddammit, someone did it before me.

Denial. Lol,  I get it. Like "the Nile", as in the longest river in the world. Your fucking hilarious Vivster,  I laughed loud at that one. Keep it up. 

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I don't care. I won't know if I'm dead, and won't even know the moment it happens.

Also, and this will sound more pessimistic than it is because this is in some ways a comforting thought, but humans as a whole are too arrogant. In reality mine and anyone's time here compared to the life of the Earth and the universe is less meaningful than a single grain of sand on an endless beach. I can have no impact whatsoever. The entire human species can have no impact whatsoever. Our very existence from the moment Homo Erectus first stood up a couple hundred thousand years ago to the moment Homo Sapiens Sapiens destroys itself is just a blink of an eye, and nobody has any control over it. So what does it matter? All you can do is enjoy yourself a little.

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I take note of how if someone or some kind of alien in our or another universe invents time travel we could end up being enslaved forever with our heads in a glass jar working forever. :/

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I'm grand, it's the fact that I know I'll be attending the funerals of my parents and probably older brother that always get to me.

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I used to be extremely afraid of death.

And then I just started thinking "I'll think about death when I die" And now I just don't think about it.


Maybe I will find out what's going on when I am dead.. or not. The cycle repeats. This life starts all over from the beginning and I just do what I do. With my memories being erased, it's like the first try all over again. Sounds depressing....

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Why people fear death is puzzling to say the least.Death is as natural as breathing.Everyone is here for a time,so make the most of it or not.It's best to don't spend your whole life worrying about something that comes to all.