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PS4 is the most atheistically design. All the others are degrees of ugly imo.

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Tie between Slim PS2 (So much goodness from such a small package and original PS4 (Cant get no sleeky and sexier)


If handhelds were/are allowed in this race then PSP Go takes the cake for me. It's sleek and small, real portable. It's compact when watching videos or listening to music, and then slides the controllers out when gaming. And its super sexy when docked to play on the big screen.

PS2 slim and fat PS3.

PS4 > PS2 S > PS3 > PS2 > PRO > PS3 S > PS1 S > PS3 SS > PS4 S > PS1

PS4 never truly felt like a launch console to me. It had too much performance for it's size, which was a shocker when they showed it. I remember thinking how did they manage to do it? I also remember thinking, who cares, look how small and sleek it looks! Well, until I started to hear the noise coming from the console, I then had my answer, and I did care now. lol.

I like how the PS4 is completely uniform, except for the light bar divider, which makes it seem a little less uniform than it really is. PRO seems too uniform to and a little bland me. PS4 S isn't uniform enough and just boring.

The PS2 was a stacked blocky design, but being able to stand it up, was wicked cool and made it look better for some reason. I really like how small the PS2 S was. It was just unbelievable that a device that small could do what it did at that time. The PS2 logo was really cool as well.

I like the PS3 big, bold, flashy design, with the chrome accents. The PS3 S was just a smaller more bland design. PS3 SS didn't have the smooth top and no indent where the disk would normally insert, even though it went in the top.

The PS1 was iconic with the central disk flip top. It didn't need great design to win anyone over at that time though. PS1 S was just a smaller version but looked better with the curved edges. 

Aesthetically I only like the PS1 and PSone, the rest of them I thought looked kind of boring.

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ZODIARKrebirth said:

Sony always tried to make great hardware for us gamers, but not only tried to make powerful hardware but making beautiful designs was always somthing important for sony...

Sorry, I think they mostly kind of failed at this. I think PS1 and PS One looked good, after that they were mostly pretty ugly. I didn't like any of the PS2 or PS3 designs. I think the PS4 slim looks okay, but only that. Their handhelds look pretty nice though, especially the Vita.

I remember Nintendo used to be the ones that people laughed at, when it came to design, they have improved a lot, and have been consistently good since DS Lite, except 2DS perhaps.

Microsoft is hit and miss. One S might be the best looking console period. The Original Xbox and the The Original Xbox One were pretty ugly though.

1. Original PS1
2. Slim PS1
3. Original PS4

Ka-pi96 said:
d21lewis said:

I've always loved the design of the PS1, PS One, PS3 Phat, and PS4 Slim. I LOATHE the original PS2 sand PS4 designs.


*Edit* disregard PS4 Slim. I thought they did away with that "slanty" design. I was wrong.

*Edit again* They DID do away with the"slanty"! Damn you, Google image search!!

It still looks slanty to me...

I don't know what to think anymore.

I own the original and a Pro. 

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d21lewis said:
Ka-pi96 said:

It still looks slanty to me...

I don't know what to think anymore.

I own the original and a Pro. 

I have an original and a slim.

It doesn't look like it's quite as steep an angle as the original, but it's definitely still slanty

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Based only on the original designs:
4 > 2 > 1 > 3

4 ≈ One