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The 3G PS Vita is my favorite PlayStation and device. It is nearly a perfect design. Just needs to shift the sholder buttons forward, add L2/R2 behind them, and make the sticks clickable. That would be an absolutely perfect device.

Home console wise, I can't decide between PS2, PS3, and PS4 Pro.

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Fat PS3 if it was smaller looked badass.

But Original PS4 design was fantastic. Size of a PS3 slim with insanely better components, good heating and the power supply inside the console. Ticked every box.

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My favorite is definitely the launch PS4. It was so sleek and smooth

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The fat PS3 was just ridiculous imho. That cheap lettering and tacky and huuuge design never appealed to me. The Slim was so much better.
Extra Slim PS3 though was my least favourite Sony console ever.

Can't say I've really thought about this before, but let's see...

I'd say tying for first place would be PS2 with the blue stand, and the original PS4 stood vertically with the blue stripe going across.

Last place is actually very easy; The PS3 super slim, I honestly think it is fuck ugly and by far one of the worst console designs in a long time... the idea behind it is cool, but man it looks so cheap and awful.

I currently have a PS4 Pro, and while it's not quite as nice to look at as the original PS4, it's still got a nice design, and since I have it flat, I like that the light is on the front... also I don't mind it being three slots, since I dust it regularly anyway so they don't clog up, and I'm guessing the added height would help with airflow inside the console. It also sticks with the base layered design anyway, just rounds off the edges.

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I'd say the original PS4. It's just a nice, sleek design. That line with the blue light is a nice touch.



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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
I alwas dislike sony console designs, ps1 was ok, after they all ugly.

I have a ps4 pro, its ok but fuck all those layers and crack where dust goes inside, just built a fucking box next time please.

Xbox one s , simple elegant design , take notes sony.

I disagree the Xbox One S is full with holes like cheese on the top, everything gets inside the Console

Hard to decide, PSone, PS4 Pro or a white PS4

The design of all Playstation and Xbox consoles are all ugly to me, just boring uninspired boxes.
Except the Playstation 3, that at-least looked like a George Foreman grill.

In my opinion... The console design that has stood the test of time is the Nintendo 64, especially with it's crystal-clear coloured variants which has made it almost collectable.

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I'm torn between the original PS2 and PS4.