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I alwas dislike sony console designs, ps1 was ok, after they all ugly.

I have a ps4 pro, its ok but fuck all those layers and crack where dust goes inside, just built a fucking box next time please.

Xbox one s , simple elegant design , take notes sony.


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This is my personal preference (top 3)

1. PlayStation 3 (Launch)
2. PlayStation 4 Pro
3. PlayStation 2 Slim

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for me....

  1. PS4pro. I know for some reason people hate it. but I love it.
  2. then the PS2 slim. 

d21lewis said:

I've always loved the design of the PS1, PS One, PS3 Phat, and PS4 Slim. I LOATHE the original PS2 sand PS4 designs.


*Edit* disregard PS4 Slim. I thought they did away with that "slanty" design. I was wrong.

*Edit again* They DID do away with the"slanty"! Damn you, Google image search!!

It still looks slanty to me...

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OG PS4, because it looks like an eraser ;)

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my top 3:

PS2 (nothing beats that standing up with the blue stands) > org PS4 white (full matte) > PS3 slim

I also love the PS4 slim and Pro in white.

1. Playstation
2. Playstation 3 Slim
3. Playstation 3 Original
4. Playstation 4 Slim
5. Playstation 2
6. Playstation 4 Original

Subjectively, easily PS1.

You mean esthetics?

I uhh... actually think they're all pretty ugly.
I guess PS4 though, if I had to pick one, but it's still kind of like it's the turd that smells a little less bad.

EDIT: No wait, that grey PS4 anniversary console was actually decent looking, but it was more because of the color and the little button-logo's details that were on it.