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PS2 for me. PS1 was too... blocky. PS3 was just obese. PS4 is nice as well, but PS2 takes the cake.

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Original PS4 was my favorite.

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Base PS$ looks great. Then the PSOne revision looked great. Everything else..I find the PS2 insanely ugly and the PS3 all models really ugly.

My favourite is the original PS1

Ugliest is definitely PS3 phat. That spiderman font and cheap looking chrome makes me cringe.


Didn't like any other PS design before that.

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In terms of design and looks, I love the original PS1, PS3 slim, and PS4 slim the most.

Everything else looks alright, with the PS2 (both models) and PS3 (OG and superslim) being the ugliest.

Ps2 slim. Such a tiny console.

The OG playstation gets points for nostalgia and I actually really like the original Ps4. I really wish they hadn't decided to go with matte finish and rounded edges on the slim.

I actually don't think any of the comsole manufactuers have industrial design that lends itself to a 'beautiful' console. They aren't designed to be elegant but striking like iMacs, they're designed to blend into the entertainment center below your TV. That's one of the reasons I tend to like smaller consoles better.

I've always loved the design of the PS1, PS One, PS3 Phat, and PS4 Slim. I LOATHE the original PS2 sand PS4 designs.


*Edit* disregard PS4 Slim. I thought they did away with that "slanty" design. I was wrong.


*Edit again* They DID do away with the"slanty"! Damn you, Google image search!!

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PS4 slim is the best. It no longer has fingerprint-magnet gloss, huge blue light strip that is distracting when you want to play in the dark, nor does it look like a giant black eraser anymore. I really like the compact size and subtle ness of the design.

Ugliest is PS4 Pro no contest.

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I'm going for the latest, the PS4 Pro cause it's the most advanced playstation yet. But I must say the PS3 was quite something with its 8 core Cell architecture which was the first of its kind in the world of consoles.