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Sony always tried to make great hardware for us gamers, but not only tried to make powerful hardware but making beautiful designs was always somthing important for what playstation was your favorite in the past? Ps1/Ps2/Ps3 or Ps4 or none of them?  I go with the ps4 pro, i like it;)




Future?;) ps5

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I actually really like the design of the phat PS3 and the original PS4. They are not very iconic but I think those are the best looking.

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thead like this needs pics

None - I just buy a console to play games, not to look at it pretty.


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thead like this needs pics

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Original PS4 looks aerodynamic so that one.

Definitely the original PS2 with that blue horizontal stand. Just beautiful.

OG Ps2 with the stand was perfection.

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1. PS One
2. PS1
4. PS3
5. PS2 slimline
6. PSP Go
7. PS4
8. PS3 super slim
9. PSX
10. PS4 slim
11. PS2
12. Nintendo Playstation
13. PS4 Pro
14. PS3 slim

Favourite - Original PS1.

Worst - PS4 Pro.