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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Skyrim Switch sales prediction poll


I predict lifetime sales of...

Under 500k 91 17.53%
500k-1m 177 34.10%
1-1.5m 144 27.75%
1.5-2m 58 11.18%
Over 2m 49 9.44%
ResidentToxy said:
Volterra_90 said:

Well, it's a personal opinion, I know a lot of people love/like the game. For me, it was almost unplayable. It was bugged as hell (and an awful lot of them made me quit the game several times), gameplay is as shitty as it could be, the world is samey, I was really tired of going through the exact same snow scenarios (cities were cool though).... The best thing about it was probably that you had a lot of freedom. But that doesn't justify the rest. If there's something I hate about games is being unpolished. I'd expect more from a company like Bethesda. And I suppose that the game is now not bugged, but I played it day one and it was a living hell.

I must admit, when the game first released, it was definitely rough. I did not understand the critical acclaim. If it launched in the state that the game is in now, the high acclaim would be justifiable. However, like you said, the game was incredibly unpolished and glitchy at launch.

Yeah, it was rough. Still, I think that the gameplay and open-world have a lot of issues. Gameplay is really clumsy. I get that it's not maybe the focus of the game, but the movements are not responsive enough. It was distracting at times. And I also think that the scenarios are far from stellar, except from the bit cities, which were really well made. Also, the main plot is really bad. But, well, I can tell that the focus of the game is not the main plot, it's the world itself. Except that the world is not well-made enough to make it worth my time XD. I still hope it sells well, because there are Bethesda franchises I enjoy and I want them to keep releasing games on the Switch. DOOM is an awesome game, at least. 

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I'm betting its going to be around 1m in sales.  Its an old re released game, but its quite popular and there will be many ninty people like myself that have not played it.  I could be way low on my guess, though.  Obviously hoping for good sales to bolster continued future support.

Anything over 1 million would be mighty impressive.

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RolStoppable said:
caffeinade said:
3 - 5 million
1,000,000 - 2,000,000 by March 2018

People will have their first Skyrim experience who currently own the Switch (5 - 15% of the player base).
Plenty of people who are buying a Switch for Odyssey will pick this up too.
A decent amount of people will buy a Switch for Skyrim on the go.

The bolded makes it clear that it is a joke post.

What, they pick up a: Switch, Odyssey, BotW, Mario Kart.
They then will pick up Skyrim when it comes out, and that will do it for the year for the average consumer.

Probably about 1.45 lifetime sales

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1 million at least. It's a huge game and the price will drop soon.

around 600k I guess. Assassins Creed games or COD games didnt sold well on wii/wii u as well + everybody that really cares about buying skyrim in 2017 will likely get the VR version, not the portable tablet version (for obvious reasons). I own a Switch and PSVR and no way I would consider getting the switch version.

I'm thinking around 1.5m~2m.

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habam said:
around 600k I guess. Assassins Creed games or COD games didnt sold well on wii/wii u as well

4 COD games crossed the million mark on Wii. I don't think Wii U is a good point of comparison; Wii U was a flop, Switch is a success.

FarleyMcFirefly said:
I'd say 500k MAXIMUM. Such an old game. Full price (here in Canada at least). I will be picking it up one day, but I doubt this will reach close to 1 million. Arkham City port on Wii U was only a year old, but with enhanced features and launched with the system, and according to this site couldn't even reach half a million.

As above; the Switch is not the Wii U.

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