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    Why don't people talk about the Switch as much as Xbox or PS?

    in Nintendo Discussion 4 hours ago

    New consoles coming soon, that's all people want to talk about. PS5 was trending yesterday, today it was Xbox. Until then, not even Nintendo is delivering big news. ...

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    Microsoft: Xbox Series S and X only next-gen consoles with full RDNA 2 feature set

    in Microsoft Discussion 8 hours ago

    I have no idea what that means, but if it means better looking games, I'm all in. ...

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    TLOU2 is losing steam. Why?

    in Sony Discussion 3 days ago

    I think this game actually hurt the franchise. Yeah, the game is very good, but it made people reconsider even liking the first one and opened the door to negative criticism of the "Naughty Dog formula". I think the only reason we still talk about it at all is the big hype surrounding Naughty Dog and the success of the first one, but I'll admit sometimes I forget it came out this year. Plus,...

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    Phil Spencer On Bethesda Deal, Series X/S Launch, And More

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 October 2020

    I thought everyone had good PCs, rendering Xbox completely useless. Why does everyone care if PS have Bethesda games? Can't they just play or their high-end PCs? ...

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    What threat does Gamepass pose for Sony in the long run?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 October 2020

    Jumpinbeans said: Little threat - MSFT won't stop selling the games from Bethesda on playstation. Only thing i can see if MSFT saying the games are available but ONLY through gamepass....so in other words trying to use games to force gamepass not the playstation. Unlikely though as you could see Sony retaliating by ending cross play which keeps the servers going for MSFT with their smaller...

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    What's the next game you plan to buy?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 October 2020

    Cyberpunk, Hyrule Warriors and then nothing. With Game Pass, I don't feel like buying games anymore. Plus, my backlog is huge. ...

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    Do you see the success in your life being due to your hard work and talent or luck?

    in General Discussion on 13 October 2020

    100% luck. From the place and time you were born to the opportunities you have in life. Your ability to work hard is also luck. ...

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    Yakuza Like a Dragon Series X Digital Foundry anlaysis

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 October 2020

    Am I allowed to say I'm disappointed? I don't know if I expected too much, but yeah, I doesn't sound super amazing. I was not expecting to have to deal with "performance modes" and whatnot in the next gen. I'm still going to buy the Series X, but I'm less impressed with the new consoles after this and Dirt 5. You promised me 120 fps, Microsoft. ...

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    Demonís Souls Remake Listed For PS4 By Hungarian Retailer

    in Sony Discussion on 13 October 2020

    As much as I would love it to happen, it's not going to happen. It's probably a mistake. ...

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    Microsoft Has Put Themselves Back In The Game!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 October 2020

    I hope they become more competitive. Does that mean keeping their games out of PS5? Yes, why not? I think that as long as everything comes to PC, it's a fair game. It's not about making people buy another hardware to play the games, but to make people buy their hardware instead. I love my PS4, but as a consumer, I'm happy with competition. ...

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    MS CEO Nadella: We Will Consider Buying Even More Game Companies In Future

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 September 2020

    You go, girl. I think overall, that is a very positive move for the industry and for the consumer. And if someone has to do it, I'm glad it's Microsoft. ...

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    (POSSIBLE SPOILERS INSIDE) The agenda and political discussion of Naughty Dog

    in Politics Discussion on 22 June 2020

    I don't agree with that. They just were never that good to begin with in terms of storytelling. I actually don't understand how people can say Uncharted 1-3 are perfect, but 4 sucks, and worst of all, citing Nadine as one of the problems. Because she beats up pretty boy Nathan? That's the biggest problem with that game? That's BS. That whole game is a trainwreck. I think people only started...

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    We Need to Talk About Xenoblade DE's Resolution

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 May 2020

    Honestly, I was expecting a blurry mess and I'm pleasant surprised that actually looks good, or acceptable, even in handheld mode. I wish it could be better, but yeah, it's still a good game. ...

    Write 210

    Do We Really Want a New Cold War?

    in Politics Discussion on 25 May 2020

    China is winning the capitalism game playing by the rules, so I fail to see how we should "stop China" or anything like that. ...

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    How much do you care about the graphical leap between consoles at this point?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 May 2020

    Not a lot to be honest. I really don't care about good graphics anymore, just good performance. I'm still on PS4 slim and Xbox One S, so that says all. I'm not really very excited about the new consoles until they show games I want to play. ...

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    What is your favorite console per generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 May 2020

    Generation 3: NES Generation 4: SNES Generation 5: Nintendo 64 Generation 6: PlayStation 2 Generation 7: PlayStation 3 Generation 8: I'm torn between Switch and PS4. And I also love Game Pass, so it's a perfect generation all around. ...

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    in Sony Discussion on 29 April 2020

    A way to make the player symphatize with the new character would be making the game all about the new character and only revealing the villain to be Joel/Ellie in the end. Maybe without playing half the game as Ellie, some people would actually like the new character and be on their side. The way it's done, it's just to torture people who liked the first game. But I guess they wanted a trans...

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    in Sony Discussion on 28 April 2020

    Canceled my pre-order. At least for now I won't play the game. I don't really like the direction they chose and I'm not really in the mood to play something that will make me feel bad or angry. Maybe when the PS5 version releases I will give it a chance, but for now it's not for me. ...

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    Borderlands 3 PC is releasing exclusively on the Epic Store in September

    in PC Discussion on 03 April 2019

    Borderlands is a game to buy 75% off, so nothing really relevant was lost....

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    Sekiro: Shadow die twice, holds strong at 90 on Opencritic based on 111 reviewers. GotY?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 March 2019

    John2290 said: jardesonbarbosa said: Am I GotY? I don't know, man. You just aren't ready yet to come out of the closet, take your time and when you are ready your gay of the year award will await you in this thread.  If that's supposed to be offensive, I am gay. I would love to be the Gay of the Year. Please, vote for me....

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