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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which is the most significant (important) console in history?


Which is the most important console ever?

Atari 2600 119 6.86%
NES 806 46.48%
SNES 109 6.29%
Sega Genesis 25 1.44%
N64 54 3.11%
PSX 303 17.47%
XBox 14 0.81%
PS2 225 12.98%
XB360 20 1.15%
Other - please explain 59 3.40%


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the original Game Boy (green/black). even my father played tetris. so many faszinating games. i got it when i was 11 and bought all systems ever since.

NES, this console saved the game industry.


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The NES definitely. There were better consoles certainly, but they owe their health to the NES rebuilding a damaged market.

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1. NES
2. PSX
3. SNES, PS2, X360, Wii, etc.

The NES began the industry as we know it today.
Atari 2600 was just the most successful of its time, but is overrated. Consoles like Vic 20 and C64 were almost as popular, and more influential. The NES, on the other hand was MUCH more popular and had the biggest long term impact.

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NES > PS1 > everyone else

I figured NES would be the leader in the poll. But, I didn't expect that it would be by such a large margin.

I voted for Atari 2600. IMO, it basically started console gaming. No, it wasn't the first. But, it was the first success.

The NES, Xbox or Dreamcast. My trouble with deciding is this:

Nes: Kickstarted the video game industry, have us the standard for control pads, revolutionized and even invented game genres and was highly succesful.
Dreamcast: Revolutionized online gaming with Phantasy star Online. Also, came with internet adapter, and even a second screen on the controller with a VMU. Also, experimented with new and weird game genres.
Xbox; Having a harddrive changed gaming forever. Also, made online popular and a standard for gaming going forward. Through Bungie, made fps mainstream within console gaming.