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jason1637 said:
OdinHades said:
It's a success in North America and the UK.

It's a horrible failure everywhere else.

What about AU, NZ and South America? 

Ok let's call the UK Commonwealth and it's former colonies

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It's not a failure... the company is making money and people are enjoying their time with it. One X is what they should have released in 2013 but that'll be in the past soon.

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Platina said:
I don't. It's doing fine and there is a lot of hype for the Xbox X

Hype? Vocal minority. the same ones that would havegotten it regardles.

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nope. It just that the ps4 is doing better

In the U.S. and UK it's doing fine. Everywhere else it's a failure. Xbox simply isn't a global brand, and it can only get really high numbers unless it dominates in markets where Xbox is actually competitive. The 360 sold 80+ million mostly because it completely trounced the PS3 in the U.S. and UK.

The XBO ought to sell 50 million units lifetime globally, which isn't bad considering it's only relevant in the Anglosphere.

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Bofferbrauer2 said:
jason1637 said:

What about AU, NZ and South America? 

Ok let's call the UK Commonwealth and it's former colonies

It is doing very well in Brazil, especially because it is the cheapest console here. Also, games are generally cheaper on XOne and MS support is good.

Back to the topic, I don't think it is a failure. It is a solid console, has some nice features like EA Access, Game Pass and Play Anywhere, good third party support, but not many AAA exclusives (considering most are also on PC). Saleswise, XOne is permorming well and will probably do over 50m by the end of this generation, which is a good number in my opinion.

Only in japan lol.

If you look at exclusives and console sales outside the UK and the US, it's a failure. As a whole, I don't see it as a failure.

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Part of the problem is that the big selling point of the Xbox 360 wasn't the games, but the novelties (at the time) of Xbox Live, and then Kinect. Nobody else had that kind of unified online platform, and Kinect rode on the remnants of the motion control craze created by the Wii. Then there was also the fact that the PlayStation brand, even at its lowest, was still able to hold its own against Xbox.

None of those conditions exists anymore. Sony is repeating the dominance they held with the PS2 this generation. Nintendo is doing well with the Switch. Xbox Live isn't anything special anymore. Everything it offers is also offered by its competitors. And forcing Kinect into the initial launch of the Xbox One was a mistake. Microsoft badly misread the market. And while they were focusing on fleeting successes, they failed to cultivate any long-term stables of key properties beyond Halo or Forza Motorsport. I'm pretty sure that there are plenty within Microsoft itself that consider the One to be a relative failure.

Yes, it's a relative failure, relative to the 360. It doesn't have compelling triple A exclusives, the exclusives it does have are coming to PC. Microsoft have created an irrelevant console. Perhaps they will do better next time, although the XBOX ONE X indicates that they are out of touch with what gamers want.

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