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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bold Prediction: SMO will get a 99 on Metacritic! [Update currently a 97!] I Took the "L"

Prediction: You'll be wrong.

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tbone51 said:

When you actually say im wrong then its usual means its right though. So thank you :)

How do you feel today? Are you relatively calm and collected or are you trending towards madness because of the E3 aftermath?

Essentially, should I drop the mods a message that they shall ban you for a day in order to prevent something worse?

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Probably not. In this time and age there will always be a Slant Magazine that will drop the 95-100 Metascore by 1 point. But I have to admit that Odyssey has the magic and charm to achieve a very high score, 95-97, I assume.

Nah. Something is off about it. Low 90s if I had to guess.

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Never doubt tbone51's predictions but this time i doubt it.

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I wouldn't go so far as to say it guarantees a 99 but I do think it will most likely be in the mid-90s

95-96 is mine.

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95-98 because there are strange people with strange names on youtube. This strange people with sunblocker faces and ugly glasses from the 90s can rate games in a way that the metascore is droping from a 98 to a 97.

I'd be surprised if it even got a 98 tbh

Well, this is new.


I'm going with a solid 96. I think it'll still be a long while until we get another 99 metascore game. BotW came close with a 98, but even that dropped to 97 afterwards.