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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bold Prediction: SMO will get a 99 on Metacritic! [Update currently a 97!] I Took the "L"

There's always gonna be that ONE critic.

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Slant Magazine will fuck over your prediction.

I will take it being 95+, in the same realm as BOTW.  

95 IMO.

Mr.Jim the super professional critic will give it a 4/10 because pimp Bowser is offensive to fellow neckbeards

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I'll safely say 96.

97 is my guess.

95 Should be a sure bet unless they skimp on content.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.


I don't see it matching BotW or the Galaxies yet. Even Mario 64 only had 94 or something. For now I'd 95 is the upper end for Odyssey.

No... it won't hit 99 and you know it, what are you doing T-Bone, you're shredding your credibility.

There are reasons to not like it, I really didn't enjoy the trailer. From the vocals in the music, to just the tone of the game. Actual humans walking about, and throwing your hat to take control of other creatures, and the art styles in certain worlds.

The game will probably be fantastic, but the world, tone and sometimes aesthetic just isn't my cup of tea from what I've seen.