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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bold Prediction: SMO will get a 99 on Metacritic! [Update currently a 97!] I Took the "L"

RolStoppable said:
tbone51 said:

When you actually say im wrong then its usual means its right though. So thank you :)

How do you feel today? Are you relatively calm and collected or are you trending towards madness because of the E3 aftermath?

Essentially, should I drop the mods a message that they shall ban you for a day in order to prevent something worse?

Tbh i didnt want to post this thread yet. When first reveal i can tell this is a game people wanted and already looked to surpass sm3dw (got a 93?) Easily.


With today trailer that game looked like a wet dream. Well it still could be the "E3" effect ill give you thar but that trailer was insane for a mario game. It looked like a goty contender without the new takeover ability. That ability alone will be reason enougb for perfect scores to be at every reviewers door lol with 1 or 2 70/75 scores!

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I say 96 is the highest. Jim will come out five weeks later and pick apart the game, because that is what he does. It wasn't like Musuo game for him.



it honestly looks stellar in terms of gameplay and visuals. The Treehouse presentation in the woods kingdom looks insanely good. The desert area playable at E3 looks killer too. I would be shocked if it didn't get a 90-something on Meta 

d21lewis said:
Nah. Something is off about it. Low 90s if I had to guess.

I sort of agree, I think it looks like it'll be fun as hell and very pleasant to look at, but I have a weird feeling that there will be certain Mario fan critics who personally don't appreciate the hat mechanics. I think they look fun, but all it takes is people who love the old mechanics and don't appreciate the changes to keep it lower.

all that matters in my eyes is that it's like a 90+, will mean it's a classic and the new mechanics have translated well.

The E3 trailer has sort of built hype out of control though, and the Treehouse gameplay, it looks unbelievably good. I mean compared with Mario 3D Land or Mario 3D World? jesus, light years better. way more interesting and creative 

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Just like the BotW one D:

But once again, I'm doubtful..

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I think it will be damn near that record-number of perfect scores that BotW got, but there's inevitably going to be a few reviews that seem bizarrely low where the game just didn't appeal to the reviewer. It's important to note that Metacritic includes reviews that aren't intended to be objective, which is to say sometimes people who just don't care for a genre are still giving it a score that reflects their distaste for it.

Of course, I suppose it's technically possible that this game won't be a masterpiece, but the Mario team has given me little reason to doubt them :)

Anything 95+ would be amazing imo; it might seem like a given as it's a Mario game, but 3D platformers of this sort are almost extinct.

it´s possible

Not if Jim has anything to say about this.

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99 is damn near impossible in this day and age of at least one critic who will always go against the grain, but 97 like BotW/both Galaxies won't surprise me in all honesty.