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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Should Nintendo bring their handheld IPs to the Switch?


Do you think Nintendo will bring their handheld IPs to the Switch?

Yes 216 80.90%
Yes, when 3DS sales get low enough 33 12.36%
No 5 1.87%
No, Nintendo needs to foc... 3 1.12%
Only as ports of older handheld titles 2 0.75%
only through virtual console 2 0.75%
see results 6 2.25%

Yes, Nintendo should bring their handheld IPs to their newest handheld.

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It's a question of when, not if.

Taking out series like AC, Pokemon, FE, and many more would be suicide.

V-r0cK said:
Jranation said:

It surprises me that a handheld is getting lots of console games! 

Seeing as how Nintendo is currently putting all their eggs in one basket nobody should be surprised by this.

Yep! This would fix any major drought like the Wii U. 

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sparticus112b said:
darkrulier said:
Really?? This question?? Isn't the Switch a handheld??? Of course they are bringing their "handheld IP's" to the Switch. Aren't they already working on a Pokemon game?

Nintendo said it is a home console "first and foremost."  When they introduced the Switch, they focused on console games. I don't remember them announcing a Pokemon game for the Switch, I think that was leaked.  

Hell, Zelda runs better in handheld mode. If that doesn't raise a few eyebrows.

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I figured that would be the case. It would be unwise for Ninten to release a handheld when the Switch can do both, so it only makes sense that all their future games will be on the switch, including the smaller size portable games.



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Well Pokemon is already 99% coming as is Fire Emblem so aside from that, I can't think of a ton of the major ones that should be coming over that aren't already doing so.. 

I suppose the following would be sweet - Golden Sun, Animal Crossing, Kirby, Advanced Wars (though War Groove seems to be taking on that role), Rythm Heaven, Scriblenauts, Clubhouse Games, Brain Age.

Most of those franchises would work well with the handheld/tabletop abilities of the Switch along with the touchscreen. Though it'd also be cool to play them in console mode, and the touchscreen features could possibly be emulated with the motion controls of the joycons or just via joystick if needed.


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Simple answer? Yes. Even though people will use the switch in many ways, for a lot of people it is still a handheld.

Double post.

Honestly I think all future release games on the 3DS should be on the Switch for the same price.

Then Nintendo slowly moves all games to the Switch while gently laying the 3DS to rest.

But to answer your question. Yes they should move all handheld IPs to the Switch; Pokemon, Kid Icarus, Yokai Watch etc. BUT they dont have to be big AAA games, just merely superior to 3DS. Oh, they also have to perform at 60fps on handheld mode.

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okr said:
Franchises which were up to now more often (or exclusively) on handhelds:

Fire Emblem
Animal Crossing
Advance Wars
Mario & Luigi
Golden Sun

Anything else?

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Pushmo/Pullblox (although a WiiU-version exists)


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