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Forums - Gaming Discussion - List your "10/10" games.

Mario Kart 8
Super Mario Galaxy 1+2
Pokémon Platinum
Zelda Breath of the Wild
Animal Crossing New Leaf

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Half Life 2
Night In The Woods
Portal 2
Mass Effect 

Ride The Chariot

Chrono Trigger - Edit: A 10/10 for me must be flawless (at least for me).

Green098 said:
Mario Kart 8
Super Mario Galaxy 1+2
Pokémon Platinum
Zelda Breath of the Wild
Animal Crossing New Leaf

We have got similar tastes. Pokemon is my favourite series, and Platinum is my favourite from them, too. For me it's like a 9.7, something stops me from rating it a 10, I don't know why.

Bet with Intrinsic:

The Switch will outsell 3DS (based on VGchartz numbers), according to me, while Intrinsic thinks the opposite will hold true. One month avatar control for the loser's avatar.

If I reviewed games I'd have trouble giving out 10's, just because I feel nothing is truly so flawless it can't be improved in some way (I'm an artist and my own work is never ever good enough for me, so I may just be a hardass).

But if I had to pick games I've played that were the least flawed from my perspective, I'd have to choose...

The Last of Us
Super Mario Galaxy
Mass Effect 2

I can't think of anything I dislike about those five.

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Dark Souls 1

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Pokemon X

Gta San Andreas

Diablo 2 LoD

Final Fantasy 12

Yoshi's Island - timeless art style, great bosses, memorable music, tight platforming, still my idea of 2D platforming perfection

Timesplitters 2 - favourite arcade shooter ever. story mode is a bit simplistic by today's standards, but is still fun. The challenges and multiplayer is where the best stuff is.

Burnout 3 - best arcade racer ever. just pure fun, takedowns never got boring, great ideas like crashing into traffic to make as much damage as possible. hope it makes a proper return some day, not open world bullshit

Mario Galaxy - still my favourite Mario, incredibly inventive

Persona 4 Golden - good combat, like the persona system, but it's the regular world stuff that i love most in this game, never wanted to skip any of it despite there being so much of it, which says it all

Last of Us - amazing script, world is well realised, good gameplay, the full package

Bloodborne - really cool world, nailed the music, fantastic combat, great enemy design, even the story is interesting and quite easy to follow


there are probably more, i always forget games when making lists like these

Diablo II
Gothic II
Warcraft III
Heroes of Might and Magic III
World of Warcraft (before third expansion)
Team Fortress 2 (before mannconomy)

And by 10/10 i don't mean perfect, but games that made my jaw drop when i first saw them and i ended up playing them for many months if not years before i got tired of them, if i ever did. Basically games of my childhood, that i will have font memories of for the rest of my life. And i yes, I'm a blizzard fanboy if you didn't notice, though not so much anymore.

God of War 2
Dead Space 2
Heavy Rain
Resident Evil Remake
The Last Guardian
Uncharted 2
The Last Of Us
Devil May Cry

For the longest time I never had a game that proved to me that it's worthy of my 10/10. So for awhile I defaulted my 10/10 to Shenmue 1 & 2. Even though I knew it has flaws...Then it happened.

Bioshock Infinite in my opinion is the only game I can confidently say it's a 10/10. Voice acting, presentation, music, and yes even the story was near perfection, and I'm aware that some people either don't get it, or just hate it, but I enjoyed the heck out of that game.