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Yoshi's Island - timeless art style, great bosses, memorable music, tight platforming, still my idea of 2D platforming perfection

Timesplitters 2 - favourite arcade shooter ever. story mode is a bit simplistic by today's standards, but is still fun. The challenges and multiplayer is where the best stuff is.

Burnout 3 - best arcade racer ever. just pure fun, takedowns never got boring, great ideas like crashing into traffic to make as much damage as possible. hope it makes a proper return some day, not open world bullshit

Mario Galaxy - still my favourite Mario, incredibly inventive

Persona 4 Golden - good combat, like the persona system, but it's the regular world stuff that i love most in this game, never wanted to skip any of it despite there being so much of it, which says it all

Last of Us - amazing script, world is well realised, good gameplay, the full package

Bloodborne - really cool world, nailed the music, fantastic combat, great enemy design, even the story is interesting and quite easy to follow


there are probably more, i always forget games when making lists like these