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Ahh just what I thought, alright. Gotta wait for my Switch.

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I'm so excited to play this. I'm actually super surprised at the scores, I expected somewhere around 92 metacritic score. This is the most excited I've been for a zelda since Wind Waker.

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Just great. Predicted it as 97. Then it is averaging at 98 atm.

Dulfite said:
How many reviews are still pending, though? And I saw one as low as 90, another one like that could hurt.

Hoping it stays at 98.

I do have a question though, if the average is 99.5 or 99.6, will they round up to 100?

If the weighted average was 99.5 or 99.6 then yeah, they'd round it to 100.

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impressive score for sure, though I have still zero desire to play this.
Don't think there's a single 3D Zelda game I'd score higher than 7.5


Still want to see for myself if this game is a 98 game. GTA 5 has a high MC score and that game bored me to tears.

Grand Theft Auto!? More like

I predicted 96 in that other thread. I hope it looses 2 points soon. Just needs like 2 yellow clickbaits pls.

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I think it's that high because it has Zelda in it's name.

This is one grand old circlejerk if I do say so myself.

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